This annual report provides the state of progress in health for women, children and adolescent in the Global Financing Facility (GFF) partner countries and unpacks the impact of COVID-19 and other crises on countries and communities.

VillageReach’s contribution is mentioned on page 32:

In Mozambique, supply chain experts from Merck and UPS logistics teams worked closely with Mozambique’s Central Medicine Authority (CMA) in collaboration with Africa Resource Centre, VillageReach, and Project Last Mile to develop a solution to the last-mile delivery challenges leading to stock outs in health facilities. The partners supported CMA to leverage private logistics capacity to complement public sector supply chain strengths, by outsourcing the last mile distribution to private operators who would deliver life-saving drugs on behalf of CMA in remote communities. This innovative solution also aims to renovate and improve CMA warehouses, and build internal capacity in supply chain management. Alongside this public-private supply chain innovation, the GFF is supporting broader policy and delivery reforms together with partner financing alignment around the sustainable operation of the new supply chain network.