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Our Work in Malawi

VillageReach has worked in Malawi since 2008, collaborating with the Ministry of Health (MoH), the private sector and other partners to develop and implement high-impact sustainable solutions and programs, including Chipatala cha pa Foni (Health Center by Phone), the Kwitanda Community Health Program, and OpenLMIS.

Our work improves health care delivery by building tech-enabled pathways to primary health care and making health products available to people when and where they are needed.


Report  |  2024

Bate-Papo Vacina! Endline Evaluation Report

Research  |  2024

Using community-based, participatory qualitative research to identify determinants of routine vaccination drop-out in Malawi

Presentation  |  2023

Drones for Health: Speeding up Lab Sample Transport – ASLM Conference (Dec 2023)

Report  |  2023

Malawi drones for health randomised control trial: Baseline report

Presentation  |  2023

Drones on Demand: Malawi Process Evaluation Results – GHSC Summit (Nov 2023)

Report  |  2023

Evaluation of a multisite community-based participatory immunization project

Report  |  2023

CCPF Transition to Government: Evaluation Report

Fact Sheet  |  2023

Building a Pipeline of Supply Chain Professionals through Education: Malawi

Report  |  2023

VillageReach Malawi: Country Priorities (2023 – 2025)

Report  |  2023

Business case for investment in human resources for health supply chain management

Report  |  2023

Cyclone Freddy response

Research  |  2023

Leveraging community health workers as vaccinators: a case study exploring the role of Malawi’s Health Surveillance Assistants in delivering routine immunization services

Research  |  2023

From idea to systems solution: enhancing access to primary care in Malawi

Research  |  2023

Let’s Talk About Vaccines – Key Findings From Malawi

Fact Sheet  |  2023

Technical Note: Leveraging Community Health Workers to Vaccinate in Malawi

Watch & Learn

A Health Center in Every Malawian’s Home (7:49)

This video tells the story of Taurai, a young woman and CCPF youth champion, and Gloria, who is a mother and volunteer. Both of them have had their own positive and unique experiences with CCPF and are now committed to promoting the national hotline in their communities. The video also includes MoHP’s perspective on CCPF as told by Dr. Nedson Fosiko, Deputy Director of Clinical Services.

Malawi by the Numbers

19.7M estimated population

80% employed in agriculture

450 facilities received PPE in 2020-21

540% more calls to CCPF in 2020-21

Our Malawi team is led by Country Director Ndasowa Chitule

We are committed to our strong collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other partners in Malawi to ensure that every Malawian, even in the remotest parts of the country, has access to quality health care and information. Our emphasis is on developing and implementing solutions in supply chain and digital health that are impactful, sustainable and scalable.”

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Reaching Hawa

Impact Story

I didn’t know that there were any services available for obstetric fistula in the area, so when I saw the text message, I decided to call.”

On the other end of the line was Wellington, a Chipatala cha pa Foni (Health Center by Phone) hotline worker trained to triage callers over the phone and make referrals to additional services and support. After the call, Wellington and his team did some quick research and discovered that an annual fistula repair clinic was being held in the area within weeks. Soon after, Hawa was in a recovery room at Bwaila Maternity Hospital in Lilongwe, smiling. She is surrounded by others like her who have just undergone a simple, but life-changing surgery.

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A Mother’s Journey

Impact Story

Chipatala cha pa Foni is a very good service, a lot of people are being helped and they don’t have to travel to the hospital anymore.”

When Patuma called Chipatala cha pa Foni (Health Center by Phone), a hotline worker advised her of several techniques to alleviate Pricilla’s nose bleeds, such as a cold compress on the forehead, staying out of the sun, and good nutrition. After several weeks, Patuma called the hotline again – this time to thank them for helping her daughter, noting a marked improvement in Pricilla’s condition.

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Drones – Aiding Health Service Delivery and Cholera Intervention in Southern Malawi

Impact Story

Patients were not being treated on time in the absence of laboratory results as they waited for them from the district health office, but this has now changed.”

Drones—remotely piloted aircrafts—are helping to save lives across many countries in the world, and Malawi is no exception. Drones help improve access to vaccines, lab samples and medical products in low-resource environments and hard-to-reach areas, thereby helping to prevent deaths from curable diseases like cholera.

Father of two Lonjezo Nkhungwa, a laboratory manager at the Trinity Hospital in Nsanje, which is one of the hardest to reach health facilities in the country, attests to these benefits.

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