Our work supported increased access to quality health care for 46 million people throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Together with our partners,  we ensure that life-saving vaccines, medicines and other essential health supplies reach the last mile. We empower health workers with tools and resources to improve quality health care. We harness the power of data and technology so that everyone – from patients to policy makers– can make informed decisions that improve health outcomes.

Reaching Hawa

Hawa’s fistula condition isolated her from her community. A phone call to Health Center by Phone , or Chipatala Cha Pa Foni (CCPF) changed her life by connecting her with the services she needed.

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Solving the Healthcare Delivery Puzzle

The Skoll Foundation highlights VillageReach work and perspective on what it takes to increase access to quality healthcare in low-resource communities.

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Imagine 18 million more healthy children.

How tools like OpenLMIS  play a critical role in  reaching more children with life-saving vaccines.

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Relief for Rural Health Workers

“I am a clinician serving a population of over 30,000… The Pharmacy Assistant Training program is a big relief to us clinicians working in rural and remote health centers.”

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Drones for Health: Understanding UAVs at the Last Mile

How can drones increase access to quality healthcare at the last mile? We’re working on it.


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Overcoming Extreme Logistics in DRC

With the first direct distribution of vaccines and family planning commodities in the Equateur Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, health workers can now stay with their patients instead of leaving their clinics for days to collect supplies on their own.

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A Time for Change in Mozambique

“It was not easy to convince policy makers to change a system that had been followed for more than 30 years to a new and innovative approach….Now, our children are healthier for it.”

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Where we work

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