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Innovation is not an option.
It’s a requirement.

Global leadership in radical collaboration

VillageReach has a bias toward transformational change and, because governments must leverage limited resources to improve health care and save lives, an even bigger bias toward sustained impact at scale. We apply our expertise in supply chain logistics, health care technology, public health and business to bring products to people and introduce tech-enabled pathways to primary health care.

Solving the Healthcare Delivery Puzzle (4:09)

It is only when you combine local knowledge, local systems, and local reach with global knowledge and a global network, will that initiative get rooted and grow.”

– Mrs. Graça Machel, Honorary Chairwoman of VillageReach Board of Directors

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

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Building the Primary Health Care System of the Future

A shift toward people-centered primary health care systems is necessary to overcome persistent barriers to quality care — now and in the future. VillageReach accelerates this shift by making health products and services more accessible and by ensuring that user needs and preferences are central in the design of our solutions.

Where it Starts:

A Health System Without Feedback

First Shift:

Health System Focused

Second Shift:

People-Centered Health Systems

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