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Our Work in Mozambique

VillageReach’s story began in Mozambique, where we started work to strengthen supply chains and get products to people in 2000. Today, we collaborate with the Ministério da Saúde de Moçambique (MISAU), the private sector and other partners to develop and implement high-impact sustainable solutions and programs, including Last Mile Supply Chain (LMSC), Drones for Health, and strengthening MISAU’s Public Health Emergency Operation Center (PHEOC).

Our work improves health care delivery by building tech-enabled pathways to primary health care and making health products available to people when and where they are needed.


immunization strengthening project
Fact Sheet  |  2024

Immunization Collaborative Supply Planning Strengthening Project

Fact Sheet  |  2024

Summary of Public Health Emergency Lessons Learned in Mozambique: Part 2

Presentation  |  2023

Drones for Health: Speeding up Lab Sample Transport – ASLM Conference (Dec 2023)

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Optimizing Specimen Referral in Mozambique with Drones

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Evaluation of a multisite community-based participatory immunization project

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Bate-Papo Vacina Project: Midline Evaluation

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Vaccine wastage in Ghana, Mozambique, and Pakistan: An assessment of wastage rates for four vaccines and the context, causes, drivers, and knowledge, attitudes and practices for vaccine wastage

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Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHEOC) Overview

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Health Product Integration – A Critical Enabler for Outsourcing Transport

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Driving a people-centered approach to expand immunization coverage in Zambézia, Mozambique

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Summary of Public Health Emergency Lessons Learned in Mozambique

Report  |  2023

Public Health Emergency Lessons Learned in Mozambique

Report  |  2022

Advancing Health for Women, Children, and Adolescents Amid Overlapping Crises: GFF Partnership Annual Report 2021-2022

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Bate-Papo Vacina!

Fact Sheet  |  2022

Mozambique: A Highly Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign

Watch & Learn

A Partnership for Reaching the Last Mile (3:09)

The partnership between government and the private sector is improving the lives of health workers and people in communities across Mozambique. By outsourcing the distribution of medicines and supplies to Bollore, the program Last Mile Supply Chain (LMSC) supports 50% of health centers in the provinces of Zambézia, Tete, Nampula, Inhambane, and Sofala.

Mozambique by the Numbers

32.2M estimated

80% employed in

800+ facilities reached by
LMSC in 2020-21

18MMozambicans served
in 2020-21

Our Mozambique team is led by Country Director Rotafina Donco

Coordinating relief efforts after Cyclones Kenneth and Idai was a wake-up call – when it’s not possible to transport life-saving medication by road, what can we do? I’m proud of our work with governments and private sector partners to strengthen supply chains to reach people, even in crisis.”

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Launches

Impact Story

My dream is to be a singer. And I would also like all the children to be vaccinated.”

– Agnes, pictured with Lúria, Sheyla and VillageReach’s Rotafina Donco

Lúria, Agnes and Sheyla were among the first Mozambicans to receive a vaccine against the virus that causes cervical cancer, after their school was chosen to launch the cervical cancer vaccination. Of the 5,500 women who contract cervical cancer per year in Mozambique, more than 4,000 end up dying from the illness, an average of 11 deaths per day. This vaccine could change everything.

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Delivering Against All Odds

Impact Story

“Different types of transport are being used to deliver medicines… the cargo must be carried by someone.”

– Shabana Gafar, Bolloré Implementation Manager, Last Mile Supply Chain.

On a Friday in early March, a Bollore truck transporting medicines from the provincial warehouse in Quelimane to the district warehouse in Molumbo found itself trapped in mud on a main road. As the situation continued to worsen, locals from nearby came to free the truck by pushing it, with no luck. They then attempted to hire a local tractor, which was also unsuccessful requiring the delivery drivers to spend the night safeguarding the payload of medicines. This led to another day of attempts – including hiring two additional tractors. Through their unwavering determination, the medicines were eventually transferred to a truck hired from Molumbo, which successfully delivered the medicines to the community that needed them.

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