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Our Goals and Approach

To achieve our vision and ensure equitable access for all communities, we need health systems that respond to the unique desires, circumstances and behaviors of the people they serve. VillageReach advocates for quality health care that reaches all communities, working with partners in Africa to solve health care delivery challenges right down to the smallest and hardest-to-reach communities. We co-develop people-centered solutions that transform health care delivery by building tech-enabled pathways to primary health care, making products available to people, and by driving sustained impact.


Fact Sheet  |  2021

VillageReach Overview

Report  |  2019

Goals and Strategies 2020 – 2023

Report  |  2023

2022 Annual Impact Report

How We Work

VillageReach has developed and refined an approach of co-creating innovative solutions in the delivery of health products and services, integrating solutions with proven impact into the health system, and ensuring governments and their partners are prepared to sustain them over time.

How We Work Resources

Tool  |  2024

Transitioning Well Overview

Journey Tool Introduction Slide
Tool  |  2021

Journey to Scale Tool

Tool  |  2021

Case Study: The Practical Application of the Journey to Scale Tool

Equity First Approach

Progress has been made, but inequities and gaps in health coverage persist for those in the lowest income levels, marginalized populations, and other hard-to-reach populations. To reach the segments of the population who are currently at risk of being left behind, the health system must shift to better incorporate people’s needs and preferences into the design and delivery of services.

Supply chains can be adapted to be responsive to people’s needs and preferences. Applying an equity lens to addressing supply chain barriers can help ensure health products are (1) conveniently accessible to all; (2) available when needed; and (3) potent at the point of delivery. We’ve developed guidance to promote equitable health product access through supply chain design for under-served populations.

Supply Chain Equity Implementations

A four-step guide to applying an equity lens in supply chain design

Equity Approach Resources

Fact Sheet  |  2024

VillageReach Gender Strategy

Fact Sheet  |  2023

WA State Service Offerings: 2023-24

Tool  |  2023

Leveraging a Supply Chain Equity Guide to Vaccinate Zero-Dose Children

Research  |  2021

Getting Products to People: Recommendations for Funders and Governments

Tool  |  2021

Equity approach to cold chain deployment: Application in Pakistan

Research  |  2021

Promoting equity in immunization coverage in Pakistan

Fact Sheet  |  2020

The Path to an Integrated Public Health Supply Chain in Mozambique

Tool  |  2020

Guide for Promoting Equitable Health Product Access Through Supply Chain Design

Presentation  |  2020

Video: promoting equitable health product access

Fact Sheet  |  2020

Promoting Equitable Health Product Access through Supply Chain Design

Research  |  2020

Supply Chain Design: Options to Address Common Challenges

Report  |  2019

Blog: Considering Equity in Vaccine Supply Chains

Tool  |  2018

Conception √©clair√©e¬†: Comment la mod√©lisation peut fournir des points de rep√®re pour am√©liorer les cha√ģnes d‚Äôapprovisionnement des vaccins

Tool  |  2017

Informed Design: How Modeling Can Provide Insights to Improve Vaccines Supply Chains

Tool  |  2017

Finding Efficiencies in Zambia’s Immunisation Supply Chain

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