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Our Goals and Approach

To achieve our goal of reducing inequities in access to quality care in Africa and beyond, VillageReach is focused on helping governments design and sustain responsive primary health care systems. Responsive primary health care has three important qualities: it makes products and services available when and where they are needed even for the hardest-to-reach communities, it can adapt to changes in demand and better absorb shocks and stresses, and it routinely factors in and responds to the needs and preferences of communities.


Report  |  2024

2023 Annual Impact Report

Report  |  2024

Our 2030 Strategy: A Vision to Reach Universal Health Coverage

Fact Sheet  |  2021

VillageReach Overview

How We Work

VillageReach has developed and refined an approach to co-creating innovative and responsive solutions to deliver health products and services. We start by learning what people need from their health care system. Applying their insights, we co-develop and evaluate solutions working closely with governments and communities. Next, we collaborate with governments and their partners to scale and replicate what we know works. Finally, we transition our solution to governments prepared to sustain proven solutions, providing them with the necessary support to own the solution over time.

How We Work Resources

Tool  |  2024

Transitioning Well Overview

Journey Tool Introduction Slide
Tool  |  2021

Journey to Scale Tool

Tool  |  2021

Case Study: The Practical Application of the Journey to Scale Tool

Equity and Gender Approach

Our four-step equity approach supports governments and implementing partners by intentionally integrating equity into program design and delivery to effectively serve under-reached communities, promoting inclusive and effective health care for all. To reach populations at risk of being left behind, health systems must do more to respond to people’s needs and preferences.

VillageReach holds a unique perspective, including gender in all aspects of program design and system-strengthening initiatives, such as supply chain, health workforce and data visibility. By incorporating gender considerations into our equity approach, we can ensure that programs address the unique needs and challenges arising from gender inequity.

Equity and Gender Implementations

A four-step guide to applying an equity lens in supply chain design

Equity Approach Resources

Report  |  2024

Understanding Gender Imbalance in the Public Health Supply Chain Workforce: Executive Summary

Report  |  2024

Understanding Gender Imbalance in the Public Health Supply Chain Workforce: Research Findings and Recommendations

Fact Sheet  |  2024

VillageReach Gender Strategy

Research  |  2024

Using community-based, participatory qualitative research to identify determinants of routine vaccination drop-out in Malawi

Report  |  2023

Integrating Community Insights to Build Responsive Primary Health Care Systems

Fact Sheet  |  2023

WA State Service Offerings: 2023-24

Tool  |  2023

Leveraging a Supply Chain Equity Guide to Vaccinate Zero-Dose Children

Research  |  2023

Leveraging community health workers as vaccinators: a case study exploring the role of Malawi’s Health Surveillance Assistants in delivering routine immunization services

Research  |  2023

Let’s Talk About Vaccines – Key Findings From Malawi

Research  |  2023

Community Health Workers as Vaccinators: A Rapid Review of the Global Landscape, 2000–2021

Report  |  2023

Case Study: Demand Generation at COVID-19 Vaccination Sites in CI and DRC

Report  |  2022

Improving forecasting and vaccine access with private health providers for urban poor communities

Report  |  2022

Geospatial mapping to identify barriers to immunization for zero-dose children

Report  |  2022

Mapping zero-dose children through data triangulation

Tool  |  2021

Equity approach to cold chain deployment: Application in Pakistan

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