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Our Work in the DRC

VillageReach has worked in the DRC since 2015, collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health, Hygiene and Prevention (MoH), the private sector and other partners to develop and implement high-impact sustainable solutions and programs, including Next Generation of Supply Chain (NGCA), Supply Chain Investment Coordination and Advocacy (SCICA), and Drones for Health.

Our work improves health care delivery by building tech-enabled pathways to primary health care and making health products available to people when and where they are needed.


Newsletter  |  2024

French Language Newsletter – March 2024

immunization strengthening project
Fact Sheet  |  2024

Immunization Collaborative Supply Planning Strengthening Project

Report  |  2024

Répertoire de Établissements Pharmaceutiques Privés Certifiés en RDC

Presentation  |  2023

Drones for Health: Speeding up Lab Sample Transport – ASLM Conference (Dec 2023)

Newsletter  |  2023

French Language Newsletter – December 2023

News  |  2023

French Language Newsletter – September 2023

Report  |  2023

VillageReach Annual Report DRC 2022 (French)

Fact Sheet  |  2023

Supply Chain Investment Coordination: Advocacy Brief

Fact Sheet  |  2023

Democratic Republic of Congo Overview

Presentation  |  2023

SCICA Overview

Fact Sheet  |  2023

COVID-19 vaccinodromes: Increasing COVID-19 vaccination in Côte d’Ivoire and Democratic Republic of Congo

Report  |  2023

Lessons learned in the transportation of healthcare products by drones

Report  |  2023

Case Study: Demand Generation at COVID-19 Vaccination Sites in CI and DRC

Tool  |  2023

Considerations for Your COVID-19 Vaccination Site

Presentation  |  2022

Endline performance and cost evaluation of medical drone deliveries in Equateur, DRC: November 2022

Watch & Learn

Améliorer l’accès aux soins de santé pour tous (2:46)

VillageReach croit qu’un autre monde est possible, un monde où chacun a les soins de santé nécessaires pour s’épanouir. Apprenez-en davantage sur la façon dont nous réimaginons les voies d’accès aux soins de santé primaires et sur la façon dont nous fournissons des produits aux gens pour transformer la prestation des soins de santé afin d’atteindre tout le monde.

The DRC by the Numbers

81.4M estimated population

70% employed in agriculture

17,000+ community health
workers received PPE
in 2020-21

1M+ Kinshasa children received vaccine against polio
in 2020-21

Our DRC team is led by Country Director Dr. Patou Musumari

Ensuring that health products reach everywhere, wherever people are, for continued provision of health services through innovative solutions, by putting the government’s needs first and partnering with the private sector, is a priority for VillageReach, in order to contribute to universal health coverage in DRC.”

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

It Takes A Village

Impact Story

I never back down from a challenge, and this one couldn’t be more difficult given the forest density, the river running through the province, and lack of roads.”

– Olivier Defawe, VillageReach Director, Health Systems

To watch the first day’s fleet of drones transport vaccines, medicine and laboratory samples to and from a tiny, hard-to-reach village called Widjifake was unimaginable — especially to this community who had never seen something so up close that could fly. The delivery took about 20 minutes compared to a six hour round trip journey by car or motorcycle on roads and worn down paths. I was awestruck to watch the same vaccines that were delivered by drone being administered to seven children at the Widjifake health center that day, a first in the DRC and Central Africa.

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Vaccinodrome Launches

Impact Story

We are eager to leverage the vaccinodrome and make vaccines readily available to people, especially where they are needed,”

– Dr. Elisabeth Mukamba Musenga, National Director of the EPI program in the DRC

With the support of the Provincial Health Division of Kinshasa and the EPI, a vaccinodrome has been set up at the Place des Évolués in the community of Gombe. The first site, which will be installed for the next three months, is located in one of the busiest districts of Kinshasa that is surrounded by several bus stops, hotels, institutions and office buildings. It will hope to vaccine 400 people per day.

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