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Listening To CHWs

Community Health Workers are critical to the primary health care system delivering preventive, diagnostic and curative services, but to effectively get health products to CHWs we first need to listen.

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Board DirectorsJoin VillageReach

VillageReach is excited to announce four new members of our global Board of Directors and a new Board Chair, set to strengthen VillageReach’s expertise.

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N’djili Integrates COVID-19 Vaccinodrome

The EPI and VillageReach announced the transition of N’djili vaccinodrome operations to the Centre de Santé & Maternité Hygiène, a health care facility known for its immunization services.

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Appearance On Drone Frontier Podcast

Olivier Defawe and Luciana Maxim discuss what they have learnt from their FTL pilot in Mozambique and how to integrate drones in existing systems.

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20 Years of Transformation

We build people-centered health solutions that improve equity and access to care. Radical collaboration with governments, partners and the private sector strengthens our ability to scale and sustain these solutions. Our work enables access to quality health care for 58 million people.

Tech-enabled Pathways to Primary Health Care

Establishing new ways for under-reached communities to access primary health care

Products to People

Making lifesaving health products available when and where they are needed

Drive Sustained Impact

Co-creating solutions with governments, communities and the private sector right from the start

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Health Care Needed to Thrive

Designing high-impact supply chains guarantees that lifesaving products get to health care facilities and community health workers across five countries. We use technology and innovation to create new pathways to care, extending services from the health center to the palm of a hand. Our systems deliver results.

58,000,000people have increased access to quality health care in sub-Saharan Africa.

380,000 health workers supported to deliver products and quality health services to the most under-reached.

250,000 health facilities received deliveries of health products through our programs.

Global Vision. Local Experience.

VillageReach’s experts live and work across the globe, building on what we know works to introduce and improve people-centered health care. But our story begins in sub-Saharan Africa, where we have offices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi and Mozambique.

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Highlighting the Importance of Integrated Services at AIDS 2022

“We simply cannot integrate services or leverage the full potential of Community Health Workers if they are not properly compensated, supported, and provided with the educational and material tools that they need to deliver their important work.” – Rebecca Alban, VillageReach

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