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Nov 16, 2022   |   News

The Drum Beat 817 - Social Listening: Polio, Immunisation, and Vaccines

Social listening in the context of vaccination entails mechanisms put in place to understand the information needs of people, their concerns, and the knowledge gaps they have in relation to vaccines – that is, social data. It also supports the tracking and response to...

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Nov 15, 2022   |   News

Pharma.Aero Shares The Results Of The UAV Project

Pharma.Aero has published the White Paper of the latest UAV Project phase that explored the use of drones (UAVs) and its potential as part of the Life Science and Medtech logistic chain, thus interconnecting the traditional and modern airfreight worlds.

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Nov 14, 2022   |   News

Dans le Haut Lomami en RDC, objectif zéro enfant zéro dose

La vaccination de routine se porte bien dans la province du Haut Lomami, dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo. De plus en plus de mères font vacciner leurs enfants pour les protéger de maladies graves et mortelles comme la polio et la...

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