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Alvo Ofumane

Manager, Advocacy and Communications

Describe your job in one sentence.

My job is mainly to inspire people through storytelling and personal engagement aiming to bring them abroad our mission and mandate, whether in short term and individual behavior change, or in long term and structural changes (policy level)

What is one thing you hope to achieve in your job (i.e. “I want to help tell amazing stories about VillageReach staff…”)

The one thing I am hoping to achieve as VR staff is to tell inspiring stories about the work VillageReach is doing, the changes it brings in people’s lives, helping to position the organisation as a key player in Supply Chain sector.

What is something you are passionate about outside of work?

Outside work I love spending time with friends and talking to my mother as there is always something new to learn from her.

What is a quote that inspires you?

“It always seems impossible until it is done” by Nelson Mandela. This always inspires my life, both personal and professional.