Mar 23, 2022  |  Press Release

MacKenzie Scott announces catalytic gift to VillageReach

March 23, 2022 – Today VillageReach announces its gratitude to MacKenzie Scott for her one-time catalytic and strategic gift of $20 million to support VillageReach’s strategy of transforming how products and services are delivered to the most under-reached communities.

This catalytic investment will bolster VillageReach’s ability to take continued bold action to support frontline workers, supply chains, data systems and leadership that allow products and services to reach everyone. We will use the funds to advance our Goals & Strategies and accelerate our impact to:

  • develop the people-centered solutions required to accelerate equitable access to health products and services
  • strengthen our collaborations with governments, the private sector, and other social impact organizations to scale and sustain those solutions
  • Support the people and systems required to accomplish these goals and create the enabling environment for transformative change

This gift does not change our priorities or how we work. Our focus will continue to be on getting products to people and increasing the reach of primary health care systems for the most under-reached. We will continue to drive forward our strategy of creating transformative, high-impact solutions and scaling them through governments and partners. What it does allow us to do is dream bigger and to drive faster towards the things we know make a difference.

VillageReach could not have made it far on this journey alone. As an organization rooted in radical collaboration, we extend our deepest gratitude to our many partners in government, the private sector, and other social impact organizations who share our vision of a world where every person has the health care needed to thrive. This award also recognizes the tireless work of hundreds of current and former VillageReach staff around the world.

Together, we will accelerate sustainable solutions that improve health services and foster lasting change.


About VillageReach

VillageReach transforms health care delivery to reach everyone, so that each person has the health care needed to thrive. We develop solutions that improve equity and access to primary health care. This includes making sure products are available when and where they are needed and primary health care services are delivered to the most under-reached. Radical collaboration with governments, the private sector and other partners strengthen our ability to scale and sustain these solutions. Our work increases access to quality health care for 58 million people in sub-Saharan Africa.

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