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Apr 25, 2024   |   Blog Post

Running the Race, Together: Our Annual Impact Report 2023

By Emily Bancroft

President & CEO, VillageReach

2023 was a year of strong momentum for VillageReach as we race towards an ambitious goal of reducing inequities in access to primary health care for 350M people by 2030.

We didn’t just maintain pace; we aimed higher, strategically expanding proven solutions across new and familiar geographies. We did so with a renowned purpose and focus on responsive primary health care – to dismantle the inequities and barriers that prevent access to quality care for under-reached communities. Achieving ambitious goals is a marathon, not a sprint.

But here’s the secret: we’re not running this race alone.

This year’s Annual Impact Report, titled “Running the Race, Together,” emphasizes the power of radical collaboration with governments, the private sector, and public health champions. Together, through these partnerships, we’ll cross the finish line.

Dive into the 2023 Annual Impact Report and discover the stories of our collective achievements:

  • Next Generation Supply Chain in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Discover how innovation and community involvement streamline critical medical deliveries.
  • Lab Sample Transport for Polio Eradication: Read how swift action saves lives in the fight against polio across 15 countries.
  • Let’s Talk About Vaccines! in Malawi: Learn how creativity empowers communities to embrace life-saving vaccinations.

Through this work, in partnership with coalitions and champions, we’re accelerating progress towards a future where everyone has access to the health care needed to thrive. Thank you for running this race with us.

Download the Annual Impact Report (Available in English, French and Portuguese) 

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