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Apr 26, 2022   |   Blog Post

Public and Private Sector Sector Collaboration in Mozambique at the 8th CTA Economic Briefing

By Alvaro Lopes

Logistics Outsourcing Officer

Adapted from the original post on LinkedIn.

Beira, Mozambique (27th April 2022) – The CTA (Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique/Confederation of Mozambican Trade Associations) held its 8th Economic Briefing, with the participation of private sector firms from all over the country. The government of Beira Province, was represented by the Secretary of State Dra. Stella Da Graça Magalhães Pinto Novo Zeca and the Governor Mr. Lourenço Bulha. The CTA team presented the latest market trends, with the focus being on post-natural disaster reconstruction. The Secretary of State Her Excellency Stella and the President of the CTA Eng. Agostinho Vuma emphasized their commitment to private-public dialogue and collaboration.

VillageReach presented on how the private sector can support the public sector in solving problems impacting the country’s citizens. Private sector involvement can bring expertise, assets, and qualified personnel to  increase the efficiency and sustainability of services provided by the government.

We talked about how international donor funding is creating business opportunities for private sector firms who support the public health system.  We shared information on recent collaborations between the Ministry of Health, donors and private sector firms, including the launch of the Drones for Health program in Inhambane Province, which transports lab samples and the national scale-up of health commodities transportation from provincial depots to all the country’s public health facilities and beyond.

Read more about how VillageReach is supporting outsourced transportation.

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