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09.05 2018

OpenLMIS Releases Version 3.4

Reposted from OpenLMIS

OpenLMIS is a global initiative to support the development of shareable, interoperable, open-source software for electronic logistics management information systems. The OpenLMIS initiative’s mission is to make a powerful Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) available in low-resource environments – providing high-quality logistics management to improve health commodity distribution in low- and middle-income countries.

The OpenLMIS community is very pleased to announce the release of version 3.4 of the OpenLMIS software. Version 3.4 incorporates a variety of new features and enhancements:  

  • Users can simplify the requisition process by creating a requisition in one click based off of stocking data.
  • The reporting platform is now easier to deploy and setup.
  • A number of usability improvements around filling out a Report and Requisition (R&R).
  • New requisition columns and improved convert to order functionality.
  • Users can easily opt out of email notifications, can update their own profile and reset their passwords.

Reference the Release Notes for more details.

These critical improvements translate to time-savings, improved reporting processes, and better data management at the country level.  

OpenLMIS increases data visibility, helping supply chain managers identify and respond to commodity needs, particularly at health facilities where the lack of data significantly impacts the availability of key medicines and vaccines.

The OpenLMIS software is currently used to manage logistics processes at more than 10,000 health facilities across eight geographies in Africa, providing ordering, reporting, and inventory management for a mix of health programs including for Vaccines (EPI) as well as HIV, Malaria, TB, Family Planning, and Essential Medicines.

OpenLMIS is proud of the contributions from multiple partners including VillageReach, SolDevelo, John Snow Inc., and Ona. These teams delivered valuable system improvements in a coordinated way.

Demo videos are available on YouTube, our website includes more information and best practices on Implementing OpenLMIS, and our vibrant community is looking forward to your participation.

OpenLMIS release version 3.4 is supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Digital Square, a PATH-led initiative funded and designed by a consortium of investors.

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