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Dec 15, 2015   |   Blog Post

Expanding Leadership Capacity: The Next Phase of Growth for VillageReach

By Allen D. Wilcox


Like you, VillageReach is dedicated to positive change.  Given VillageReach’s long-term focus on strengthening the last mile of healthcare delivery and its strong track record of improving health outcomes for the most underserved communities, the organization has grown rapidly in response to increasing demand for our expertise from ministries of health, global health institutions, donors and partners.

As the organization expands, its internal roles and responsibilities must change with it.  At this critical juncture the VillageReach Board and I have decided to add more capacity to the leadership of VillageReach through the hire of a new President.   As a highly-engaged board member,  I will continue to advance the mission of VillageReach as a senior advisor.  The new President will join me and others on the VillageReach leadership team to work on these areas, as well as, to ensure VillageReach delivers beyond-expectation results.  We don’t view this change as replacing an existing person with a new one, but adding leadership capacity and depth to a rapidly growing organization.

Allen D. Wilcox

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