Yvan Agbassi

Project Management, M-Vaccin

Yvan works in Cote d’Ivoire on M-Vaccin which is both an application and a mobile health project resulting from a tripartite partnership between Orange, Gavi and the EPI in Cote d’Ivoire. VillageReach have been contracted by GAVI to act in a management capacity on this project. Yvan provide day-to-day assistance to EPI and Orange by maintaining oversight of the overall project resources, schedule, key milestones, and deliverables. He also ensures that the overall solution meets government needs and provide recommendations to the project team on project issues, risks and direction.  Moreover, he oversees needed transition to government activities.

Yvan holds a Professional Doctorate in Pharmacy from Cheikh Anta Diop University, a Master in Health Economics from the African Centre for Advanced Management Studies and a Master in Development Practice from Sciences Po – Paris School of International Affairs.

Yvan decided to dedicate his career to the global health sector to positively impact the lives of people. Through this sector, he is interested to make a difference in the community and to address current and emerging complex health issues. These led him to develop as an advocate acting in a co-chair capacity for the Global Tuberculosis Community Advisory Board (TB CAB). This group is comprised of research-literate community-based activists from HIV and TB networks across the world which act in an advisory capacity to product developers and institutions conducting clinical trials of new TB drugs, drug regimens, diagnostics, and vaccines.

Yvan was interested to join VillageReach to contribute to saving lives and improve health by increasing access to quality healthcare for the most under-served communities. What was the most appealing to Yvan was the opportunity to work in the nexus between private sector, public health and technology offered by VillageReach.

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