Supporting Government Stewardship

VillageReach and Spring Impact, in collaboration with government, funders and social impact organizations from 16 countries, have co-created a tool to support government ownership of solutions.

The tool has three sections:

  • Setting out: preparing for the journey and embracing radical collaboration among government, social impact organizations and funders;
  • The Mindset: understanding the mindset shift required to let governments take the lead in identifying problems and designing and implementing solutions for use in the public sector;
  • The Journey: exploring the five stages of this journey to scale, including how to mobilize collaborators, and how to co-create, execute, re-align and eventually embed solutions into the public sector.

Watch a video walkthrough as part of the Ashoka “Working With Government as a Pathway to Systems Change” online course.

To launch the journey tool, please click on the image above or here. The Mindset Section is also available as a stand-alone file by clicking here. If you are interested in recommendations for how to use this tool or have suggestions on how to improve it please contact us at

For more information on our work transitioning solutions to government, visit

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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