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Supply Chain and Logistics

High-performing supply chains are essential to ensuring that vaccines, contraceptives,  and essential medicines  reach the last mile. VillageReach works with ministries of health to assess current health supply chain performance,  identify opportunities for improvement, and implement new approaches to ensure essential products reach the last mile.

Supply Chain for Community Health Workers: VillageReach serves as the supply chain partner for the Community Health Impact Coalition, helping ensure that Community Health Workers (CHWs) are equipped with the products they need to serve the people in their communities.

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Supply Chain Equity: VillageReach has developed a framework for assessing equity in the design and configuration of an immunization supply chain, which is particularly important for areas with low coverage rates or large urban-rural disparities.

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Supply Chain Design: VillageReach takes an evidence-based approach to supply chain design, using tools and processes that provide the data decision-makers need to make informed decisions about their supply chain design.

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Supply Chain Implementation: VillageReach works with ministries of health to implement new supply chain designs at the community, district, regional, and national levels. To ensure government officials are prepared to manage supply chain improvements over time, VillageReach supports development of organizational and human resource capacity, policies, and processes.  This work includes creating a culture of data use, and matching funding and financial flows to the optimized design.

Increasing Access to Health Products in the DRC

Integrated Public Health Supply Chain in Mozambique

Supply Chain Integrators: VillageReach’s Supply Chain Integrators is a catalytic investment to build health supply chains that are demand-driven, resilient and integrated. Integration goes beyond vertical to horizontal product integration, as the term is often used, broadening it to include the many ways integration improves supply chain performance, including the integration of the private sector into public sector delivery models and the integration of a range of funders at multiple levels. Primary health care systems, and the supply chains that support them, require leaders with the ability to integrate: to weave together seemingly disparate programs and actors in a way that strengthens the whole. The outcome of this investment is that health care delivery reaches every community at the last mile.

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Transport Logistics Solutions: VillageReach helps ministries of health address transportation issues such as expensive vehicle fleets and tough terrain to deliver health products where they are needed most. This can include outsourcing transportation or warehousing to third party providers (3PLs), or assessing the potential for emerging technologies like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to improve transportation reliability, efficiency, or responsiveness in low-resource settings.

Transport Services Solution Case Study – English, French, Portuguese

Last Mile Supply Chain: In its efforts to provide quality health services to its citizens, the Government of Mozambique and USAID are partnering with VillageReach to design and implement a streamlined and effective last mile supply chain system. The primary objective is to improve the availability of medical commodities and diagnostics at the last mile.

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From the Field

“Leaders in the DRC have committed to overhauling the country’s dozens of supply chains, developing a highly-functioning, efficient system capable of reaching even the most remote populations.”

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“My goal is to make sure that the vaccine supply chain is performing in the most efficient way and with high quality results.”

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Supply Chain and Logistics Initiatives and Projects

Combining Sectors, Partners and Products for Last Mile Impact: VillageReach supported the provincial government in Tete, Mozambique to design and implement a new supply chain design integrating the delivery of multiple products from provincial warehouse to the point of service and using a private transport provider to improve overall performance. In the first year of the new system, stockouts of vaccines and ARVs decreased from 42 percent to 5 percent, and ARV stockouts decreased from 27 percent to 7 percent. Distances traveled have been reduced by as much as 40 percent because of direct distribution to health facilities and new route paths designed to cut across districts.

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Dedicated Logistics System  In 2010, in partnership with the provincial governments and the central Ministry of Health, VillageReach launched a national expansion project to roll out the Dedicated Logistics Systems (DLS), a new approach to supply chain system design. The DLS introduced new efficiencies to Mozambique’s vaccine supply chain resulting in significant increases in fully vaccinated children, dramatic reduction in stock-outs, and reduced costs.

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Supply chain outsourec Mozambique






“It was not easy to convince policy makers to change from a system that had been followed for more than 30 years to a new and innovative approach… over time, we changed our minds and our distribution system. And our children are healthier for it.”

– Medical Chief of Gaza Province in Mozambique

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“Before the DLS, visits to the health centers were every few months or when we could take advantage of an NGO partner visiting the health center. But now, we go every month. Now we can provide real-time support.”

– Cândida Persina Chaves, EPI manager,
Bilene District, Gaza Province, Mozambique

health clinic in Mozambique

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