Information and Communication Technology

Robust health system performance depends on effective information and communications technology (ICT) support.

In weak health systems, health workers struggle to deliver quality healthcare due to unreliable or non-existent information and communication services. VillageReach develops locally-appropriate solutions specifically developed for low-resource environments to optimize data collection, improve data visualization, and improve communications for better health outcomes through:

  • Full cycle software development: Design, build, test and implement new, innovative software with a focus on open source solutions
  • Technology pilots: Field testing of new technology solutions, leveraging local partnerships and VillageReach field teams
  • Data for Management: Analysis and solution development using data visualizations and key performance indicators to improve decision making


With staff expertise in public health informatics and technical system design, our team has a diverse set of ICT capabilities:

  • Logistics management information systems (LMIS)
  • OpenLMIS tech support and implementation
  • ODK Scan Suite
  • Collaborative Requirements Development Methodology
  • Streamlining health system data
  • Optimizing data collection
  • Data burden analysis
  • Health worker training
  • Data collection and visualization
  • Mobile platforms, applications and devices

From the Field


Technically Speaking – The Deployment of Open LMIS in Mozambique

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Integrating ODK Scan into the Supply Chain in Mozambique (ICTD, 2013)

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Initiatives and Projects: ICT


OpenLMIS is a state-of-the-art, open source, web-enabled, enterprise class electronic logistics management information system (LMIS), purpose-built to manage medical commodity supply chains. The OpenLMIS initiative incorporates a community-focused approach to develop open source and customizable LMIS systems specifically designed for low-resource settings. The initiative provides an environment where software modules and datasets from newly-developed code and existing systems are made available in a public repository. OpenLMIS is currently deployed in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zanzibar.

Learn More About OpenLMIS

ODK Scan

Developed in partnership with the University of Washington, ODK Scan is an Android app that utilizes computer algorithms and the phone’s built-in camera to automatically digitize data from paper forms. Functional application of ODK scan will enable a more efficient paper-to-digital process, with potential to significantly improve communications by illuminating data through to the last mile of the health system.

Learn More About ODK Scan

Chipatala cha pa Foni (CCPF), or Health Center by Phone

CCPF is an mHealth innovation in Malawi designed to increase access to timely and appropriate maternal, neonatal and child health information, advice and care. CCPF runs on a technology platform specifically designed to meet the challenges of low resource communities. Together with our partners, VillageReach developed the requirements for and built the associated technology components needed to support the program as well as future enhancements.

Learn More About CCPF

“The collaboration of our field staff in the innovation process is essential; having that local perspective from the beginning is vital to developing sustainable ICT solutions.”

–  Mike Kinney, Technology Director and Group Lead, Information Systems Group

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