Human Resources for Health

VillageReach builds the capacity of health workers at the frontline of service delivery to improve their ability to reach and serve the community.

An extreme shortage of health workers is one of the primary barriers to improving health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. Addressing this gap in human resources is critical to achieving sustainable improvements in health system capacity and efficiency. With a focus on the last mile, we

  • Build institutional capacity to develop new cadres of health workers, creating a more robust and skilled health workforce
  • Design, develop and implement field-based training programs that expose health workers to new approaches, systems, and tools that improve healthcare delivery
  • Assess human resource gaps and design appropriate interventions


  • Development and implementation of new training programs
  • Curriculum development
  • Human resource capacity assessment
  • Development of supportive supervision and performance management processes
  • Implementation and testing of new technologies and tools for health personnel
  • Pre-service, in-service training and professional development with a focus on field-based training

From the Field


“I hope that this program continues to grow as it is filling a critical need, and making a big difference that could change the way all rural health centers function…” – Andrew Hauli, Rural Pharmacist in Malawi

Read Andrew’s Story

HR4H Initiatives and Projects


Pharmacy Assistant Training Program

The Pharmacy Assistant Training Program is cultivating a large cadre of personnel who will be qualified to manage medicines and dispense to patients to improve patient care and medicine availability. In collaboration with the Barr Foundation, Vitol Foundation and the Malawi College of Health Sciences, VillageReach is engaged in a multi-year national program with a strong emphasis on supply chain management and hands-on, experiential learning that is designed to provide immediate benefit to the hospitals and health centers to address human resource constraints and prepare students for the environments in which they will work after completing their training. Support for this program also came from the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT.

Learn More About the Pharmacy Assistant Training Program

Supply Chain Design: The Role of  Human Resources

VillageReach designed and implemented a new vaccine supply chain design in Mozambique.  A main component of the system focusses on the role of human resources, providing dedicated personnel to consolidate supply chain functions at the provincial level where limited resources are more likely to be available.  This reallocation of tasks has  resulted in significant improvements in vaccine supply chain performance.

Learn More About the Dedicated Logistics System

Cold Chain Program: Optimized placement, monitoring and maintenance of cold chain equipment.

Health workers struggle to balance the time needed to adequately treat patients with their other administrative duties, and fixing a broken refrigerator is not part of their training.   VillageReach is working with Nexleaf to develop a  remote cold chain monitoring system designed to alleviate the burden on frontline health workers and improve data visibility to improve reliability of the cold chain.

Learn More about our Cold Chain Program


“Understanding the role human resources plays in improving the overall performance of a health system is a fundamental part of VillageReach and the last mile approach.  People are at the core of any successful innovation.”

– Emily Bancroft, President

Emilia last mile vaccines

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