A National Health Institute lab technician loads tuberculosis and COVID samples into a Swoop Aero drone test flight in Maputo, Mozambique. | Photo Credit: Alvo Ofumane

Greater Health Care Access is One Drone Flight Away

Join us and Focusing Philanthropy in using drone technology to improve access to vaccines, medicines and lab testing for 400,000 people in Malawi.

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Drones for Health: Boosting Access to Lifesaving Products

For several years, VillageReach has developed the Drones for Health solution to improve access to medical products through drone integration into supply chains. In collaboration with governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations, we aim to demonstrate the potential to improve the availability of health products and increase equity of access. Drones also have the potential to create cost-efficiencies, and help to save time where it is more geographically challenging for cars, motorcycles or boats to reach.

Swoop Aero drone landing at the Widjifake rural health center, in Equateur province, DRC, in 2019, with immunization products. Photo: Henry Sempangi Sanyulye

Our Expertise

VillageReach has extensive experience in developing and managing drone delivery programs from proof-of-concept flights to large-scale drone delivery operations. Through its work in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Dominican Republic and the Central African Republic, VillageReach has developed expertise in:

  • Identifying appropriate use of drones based on local health needs
  • Selecting technology providers through competitive bidding
  • Facilitating in-country safety and feasibility testing of drone technology
  • Supporting the development of the drone regulatory environment
  • Sensitizing and engaging communities to increase understanding and acceptability of drones
  • Developing tools and trainings for drone operations
  • A-Z project management for drone operations including public and private partner coordination
  • Identifying drone service operations and business models
  • Generating robust evidence of benefits and costs for drone transportation

Learn more about the work being done in our core countries:

Democratic Republic of Congo                            Malawi                                           Mozambique

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