COVID-19 Response

Malawi officials receive COVAX delivery at Kamuza International Airport. | Photo Credit: Hope Ngwira


VillageReach supports governments and their health care priorities by building solutions that improve access to health care. Our COVID-19 response has supported Ministries of Health by providing information for disease prevention to keep people healthy, by protecting health workers who care for under-reached communities and maintaining essential services during the pandemic.

We respond to the present while designing for the future by:

  • Actively supporting equitable COVID-19 vaccine readiness and rollout in Côte d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, and specific counties in Washington State.
  • Protecting community health workers with personal protective equipment
  • Conducting phone-based learning for thousands of health care workers
  • Disseminating accurate information for virus prevention and treatment

Equitable Vaccine Delivery is Key to Ending This Pandemic

Twenty years of supporting governments with supply chain and logistics at the last mile has taught us what works in vaccine delivery.

We must take steps now to strengthen our health systems and protect health workers and under-reached communities during this pandemic and beyond.

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Supporting Vaccine Delivery

COVID-19 vaccines arriving in Côte d’Ivoire. | Photo Credit: GAVI


VillageReach supports the Ministries of Health (MoH) to accelerate equitable, efficient, and timely COVID-19 vaccine delivery for under-reached populations. Our teams are working side-by-side to address the health needs in each country context.

  1. Optimize and support last mile delivery to reach underserved populations

Our knowledge from 20 years of supply chain transformation has MoHs leaning into our technical expertise to improve vaccine delivery for COVID-19. At the global level, we are also increasing our strategic engagement with partners, as co-chair of the Gavi Supply Chain strategy development process, and by consulting on Global Fund and World Food Programme supply chain strategies.

  1. Increase visibility of vaccine supply and demand

With vaccines arriving unpredictably, the MoHs need access to reliable data to make decisions for vaccine allocation and distribution, and to avoid vaccine wastage. By understanding inventory levels across the country, the execution of an equitable vaccine delivery strategy can ensure everyone has access.

  1. Support the development and preparation of the workforce to fill gaps in hard-to-reach areas

Diverse populations need to understand how to reduce the spread of the virus. Arming the health workforce with information, including how COVID-19 vaccines will protect them, will strengthen their ability to educate their communities.

  1. Facilitate communication between the government and community to increase and manage demand for COVID-19 vaccines

Health communication technology can combat vaccine hesitancy and build trust in vaccines. By diversifying the communications channels, MoHs can fight misinformation using technologies like WhatsApp.

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