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Advocacy and Change Management

We leverage the success and lessons learned from our last mile experience to advocate for comprehensive, systemic change in global healthcare delivery.

VillageReach engages a broad constituency of ministries of health, bi- and multi-lateral agencies, public policy experts, institutional funders and the private sector to advocate for bold changes in healthcare delivery. Through advocacy, we contribute to the global conversation and evidence base required to effect health system policy change at the highest level.  In this capacity we

  • Provide expertise and guidance to global leadership on last mile health system design and requirements
  • Develop and Promote best practices and evidence base for shared learning and benefit to global stakeholders
  • Increase capacity of and support to government stakeholders through systemic change and implementation of new innovations


Across all areas of expertise, VillageReach’s team is experienced in leading the local, national, and global advocacy needed to encourage bold changes in healthcare delivery.

  • Introduction of new resources, proven tools and approaches to decision-level stakeholders within Ministries of Health and their partners
  • Leaders of and contributors to global technical working groups
  • Research, documentation and dissemination of  key learning,  best-practices
  • Facilitation of peer-to-peer learning between countries, provinces
  • Long-term technical assistance to Ministries of Health through implementation and scale up of new innovations
  • Cultivation and stewardship of relationships with key policy advocates and government stakeholders

From the Field

“It was not easy to convince policy makers to change a 30-year-old process. We changed our minds in Gaza and our children are healthier for it.” – Beltur Alface, Medical Chief of Gaza Province in Mozambique

Read Beltur’s Story


VillageReach, Mozambique Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WHO and the HERMES logistics team take a first step toward turning concept into practice using modeling as a tool for improving supply chain performance.

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Advocacy and Change Management Initiatives and Projects

Dedicated Logistics System and The Final 20 Project

In 2010, in partnership with the provincial governments and the central Ministry of Health, VillageReach launched a national expansion project to roll out the Dedicated Logistics Systems (DLS), a new approach to supply chain system design.The DLS introduced new efficiencies to Mozambique’s vaccine supply chain resulting in significant increases in fully vaccinated children, dramatic reduction in stock-outs, and reduced costs. With additional support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2012, the DLS is now the cornerstone of the Final 20 Project, an effort to encourage new models of vaccine supply chain system design in Mozambique and globally in order to reach the final 20% of children who currently do not have access to life-saving vaccines.

Learn More About the DLS and Final 20 Project

UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities

VillageReach is a leading member of the Supply Chain Technical Reference Group of the commission. VillageReach is supporting the documentation and dissemination of supply chain best practices for UN Commission focus countries and donors interested in strengthening in-country supply chains.

Learn More About Our Work with UNCoLSC

HERMES – Supply Chain Modeling

VillageReach is working collaboratively with representatives from both national and provincial levels of Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WHO and the HERMES Logistics Team to build capacity around the use of  the HERMES modeling tool: Highly Extensible Resource for Modeling Supply Chains. HERMES is a new solution that can have far reaching impact on the vaccine supply chain, allowing decision makers to simulate different outcomes depending on changing variables in order to find efficiencies.

Learn More About the HERMES Working Group

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

VillageReach is an active member of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Working Groups, whose members have contributed significantly to GAVI’s five year strategic plan, released in 2014. As a member of these groups, VillageReach has helped to inform the system design and system optimization component of the strategy and provided insight and direction on data for management trends, technologies, and KPIs.

Key Partners:

As active members of global policy working groups, VillageReach provides input and recommendations to international agencies and policy advocates including

  • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • People That Deliver
  • United Nations Commission on Life-Saving Commodities
  • Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS)
  • Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

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