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Our 2030 Strategy: A Vision to Reach Universal Health Coverage

Our vision of a world where each person has the health care needed to thrive aligns with the promise of Universal Health Coverage (UHC)—that all people have access to the essential health services they need, when and where they need them, without incurring financial...

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Integrating Community Insights to Build Responsive Primary Health Care Systems

While progress has been made toward achieving universal health coverage (UHC), the pace of progress is too slow. Increasing socioeconomic inequalities and the backslide in health progress due to global emergencies have demonstrated how fragile and inequitable health systems can be. Addressing this challenge...

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Improving Availability of Medicines and Supplies at the Point of Care in Liberia

This brief examines how the project interventions are supporting information sharing at all levels in the supply chain, improving consistency in the availability of medicines and supplies needed at the point of care and the lessons learned in implementing a kit delivery system for...

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Integrating Outsourced Transport: Supply Chain Toolbox Infographic

For effectiveness and sustainability, governments and their partners must consider integrating outsourced transport into the public health supply chain.

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Leveraging a Supply Chain Equity Guide to Vaccinate Zero-Dose Children

Reducing the number of zero-dose children worldwide will require radical collaboration of partners to uncover contextual challenges, and then to develop, implement and monitor strategies that improve access to vaccines.

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2022 Annual Impact Report

2022 was a pivotal year for building responsive health systems, and by putting people at the center, we improved access to quality health care for 70 million people. Read our 2022 Annual Impact Report to learn about our achievements and extraordinary work in partnership...

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Research  |  2015

Where there is no phone: The benefits and limitations of using intermediaries to extend the reach of mHealth to individuals without personal phones in Malawi

Tool  |  2015

Final 20 Policy Paper 4: Data for Management: It’s Not Just Another Report

Research  |  2015

Integrating Digital Workflows in Global Development

Report  |  2015

Performance Report of the Dedicated Logistics System (2014)

Fact Sheet  |  2015

ODK Scan Overview

Report  |  2015

Narrative Report for IWG mHealth Catalytic Grant Mechanism: VillageReach

Press Release  |  2015

2013 Gates Vaccine Innovation Award

Press Release  |  2015

2014 Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year

English Press Release
Press Release  |  2015

ODK Grant Announcement

Press Release  |  2015

Final 20 Expansion Grant

Report  |  2015

DLS Report January-June 2014

Tool  |  2014

Annual Report 2013

Report  |  2014

2014 Kwitanda Evaluation

Research  |  2014

Introducing an enhanced cadre of pharmacy assistants to improve dispensing, management, and availability of medicines at the health centre level in Malawi

Research  |  2014

Other duties as required: Efficient use of Human Resources in Mozambique

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