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Using technology
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Tech-Enabled Pathways to Primary Health Care

VillageReach builds pathways to primary health care services using technology to increase access for the under-reached. The future of health care will be increasingly integrated with technology-enabled digital solutions and tools, connecting millions of people to timely health information and services. We engage the private sector and partners to ensure promising innovations.

When a Phone Line is a Life Line

People living in remote communities lack timely and reliable access to health information and services. In some communities, families live up to 5 thousand kilometers from the closest health facility, and because of workforce shortages consultations with health workers are often only a few minutes. The Health Center by Phone solution was developed to bring health information and services to the patient – both increasing their access to health care and reducing the volume of patients at health facilities.

Health Center By Phone Implementations

Our Expertise

  • People-Centered solutions
  • health care hotlines
  • Technology Platforms

Mobile solutions that provide communities with greater control and opportunity to interact with the health system without having to travel long distances to the nearest health facility, increasing appropriate home and facility-based care.

Providing clients with information and advice on a wide range of health topics, referring callers displaying “danger signs” for further care at a village clinic, health center, or hospital

Appropriate text or voice messages on a variety of health and nutrition topics, including messages that are tailored to a mother’s week of pregnancy and a child’s age.

Platforms specifically designed to meet the challenge of low resource communities, including a hotline application to manage client data and lead hotline workers through call protocols.

Health Center By Phone Resources

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Health Center by Phone (CCPF) Overview

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ONSE Health Activity Malawi – 2018 Report [Excerpt]

Electronic Immunization Registry

Electronic Immunization Registry (EIR) and Electronic Medical Registry (EMR) are digital solutions that support the electronic tracking of patient data, such as digital immunization records. By working with governments and communities we tailor this solution to be country specific so health workers have access to more patient data, in turn providing higher quality health care.

EIR Implementations

registration of individuals

Demographic data of people who are target of the program, ideally at birth

registration of vaccination events

Vaccination event data, including the date and location of administration, and doses applied

reports and individual monitoring

Data and charts on coverage and program indicators by geographical-administrative and individual levels


A user friendly system that is flexible, adaptable and scalable to integrate new modules for new vaccines and schedules

EIR Resources

Report  |  2021

M-Vaccin Preliminary Evaluation Report

Research  |  2020

Landscape Analysis of Electronic Immunization Registries

Report  |  2019

Mozambique EIR Requirements Report

Research  |  2019

EIR User Journey Map

Fact Sheet  |  2019

M-Vaccin Overview

User Satisfaction

VillageReach centers people in health care systems by developing locally-appropriate solutions to optimize data collection, improve data visualization, and improve communications for better health outcomes through: design, build, testing and implementing new, innovative software with a focus on open source solutions; analysis and solution development using data visualizations and key performance indicators to improve decision making.

We measured user satisfaction among Chipatala cha pa Foni (CCPF) users in 2018, finding:

  • 98% said customer care was very good or good
  • 98% who called with a sensitive question were satisfied with the privacy of the hotline
  • 99% were very likely or likely to call again

Dr. Fosiko’s Story (3:16)

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