Vidya Sampath

Director & Team Lead, Data Analytics

Vidya Sampath is Global Team Lead of the Data Analytics Technical Team at VillageReach, where she oversees all Data Analytics (DA) and Data for Management (D4M) needs for VillageReach’s global programs portfolio. The driving motivation for her work is to help ensure that stakeholders across the health system have access to the information they need to improve health outcomes in their communities. She has 10+ years of experience designing and implementing global health interventions for scale, including managing investments from government, foundations, private sector, and multilateral agencies.

Her core expertise includes digital management systems and data analytics; data use capacity and skills buildings for end-to-end supply chain management; and strategic planning. She is skilled at identifying and articulating complex technical, strategic and team challenges, and finding ways to problem-solve across disciplines.

Prior to joining VillageReach, Vidya worked with Plan International, the Russell Sage Foundation, and the World Health Organization. Vidya holds an MSPH in International Health Systems from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and a BA in International Relations from Mount Holyoke College.

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