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VillageReach launched an initiative called Transitioning Well in 2019 to guide our approach in transitioning impactful solutions to government or other partners to sustain solution impact at scale. As part of this initiative we developed a process and guidelines to assist in transitioning VillageReach solutions to new owners, managers and/or operators. We have been testing and refining these guidelines internally and we are sharing them with stakeholders transitioning their own solutions.

Some of the guidelines include information on developing a Solution Description, Solution Toolkit and Transition Strategy. We have also developed a tool to assess solution transition readiness that we are sharing with other stakeholders. For more information on the initiative and individual guidelines read the Transitioning Well Summary.

To request one of these guidelines complete a short survey  indicating which guideline(s) you would like to access. A member from our Transitioning Well Team will send your requested guideline(s) within five business days.

For any questions about the Transitioning Well tools or guidelines, please contact transitioningwell@villagereach.org.

Transitioning Well Guidelines Request

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