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VillageReach launched an initiative called Transitioning Well in 2019, to guide our approach in transitioning impactful solutions to government or other partners to sustain solution impact at scale. Transitioning Well is now institutionalized in VillageReach as a way of working.

To support institutionalization, we develop and apply approaches, tools, roles and KPIs to transition VillageReach solutions to new solution managers and/or operators and share this body of knowledge with other organizations transitioning their own solutions. Most of the related resources are directly available on our site.

The Transitioning Well body of knowledge has multiple use cases including building transition into proposals to donors, designing new programs with transition in mind, integrating transition into existing programs and adopting Transitioning Well best practices in an organization.

If you would like to speak with a VillageReach Transitioning Well expert, please contact transitioningwell@villagereach.org.

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