All Innovations Welcome; Implementation Required

All Innovations Welcome; Implementation Required

When I heard about the Salient Advisory 2023 report Innovations in Digitizing Health Supply Chains in Africa, I was thrilled that nearly 350 innovators headquartered across 27 African countries are supporting governments to explore technology to improve health care...

Girls on the Move Program Factsheet

Girls on the Move (GotM) is an initiative that empowers female graduates in Kisumu, Kenya, and beyond. It addresses the skills gap in the supply chain, encourages female workforce participation, and reduces youth unemployment among women.

Supply Chain Integrators Overview 2023

Improving the health and well-being of under-reached communities requires high-performing public health supply chains. At VillageReach, we work with governments and partners to build equitable, people-centered, resilient and sustainable supply chains in Africa.

Community Health Workers as Vaccinators – Village Reach

Community health workers (CHWs) could expand immunization access in under-reached communities by administering vaccines. This rapid review identifies countries where CHWs administered vaccines and synthesizes health systems factors that may contribute to or detract...