Supply Chain for Community Health Workers

Making sure CHWs are equipped with the supplies they need to deliver quality health care is essential to leaving no one behind.  In addition to serving as the supply chain partner for the Community Health Impact Coalition, a five year quality initiative by some of the field’s most innovative implementers to organize the adoption of high-impact community health systems design, VillageReach is engaging in select country activities.

Photo credit: Last Mile Health

As part of the Government of Liberia’s National Community Health Assistant Program, VillageReach is partnering with Last Mile Health to increase availability of medicines for Community Health Assistants at the point of care.  Currently, inconsistent availability of life-saving medicines and supplies at lower levels of the supply chain makes it difficult for CHWs to properly care for the people in their community. Through a CHW-centric approach, VillageReach is working to:

  • Ensure professional supply chain staff at national level and within county health teams
  • Increase data availability, quality and use at all levels
  • Streamline routing, scheduling and resupply
  • Determine the cost of extending the supply chain to the community level
  • Strengthen processes to increase alignment with government policies and structures.

This partnership will generate new evidence and a model for replicating CHW-centric supply chain design in other geographies.

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