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Outsourcing Transport to Improve Health at the Last Mile: A Case Study

December 15, 2016

This case study summarizes the finding from an assessment of the Transport Services Solution (TSS) in Tete province, Mozambique. The case study looks at the specific opportunity for outsourcing and the process that was undertaken to establish this outsourced system. Finally, the case study outlines next steps and considerations for government authorities interested in outsourcing as a way to improve transport for vaccines and other essential medicines.

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Outsourcing Transport and Logistics in Global Health

Reposted from Next Billion
Vehicle graveyards are an all-too-common sight for those of us who work in global health. These long-forgotten vehicles serve as reminders to the underlying obstacles faced by transport systems throughout Africa. Routine maintenance required to keep cars, trucks and motorcycles moving simply does not happen, shortening the lifespan of the vehicles that are essential to delivering health commodities to the most remote communities.
For the donor community, these vehicle graveyards are a reminder of the weak return on investment for these expensive, short-lived machines. Many institutions are declining to fund the capital expenditure required to purchase vehicles, parts or storage facilities. Insufficient capital is just one of the contributing factors limiting the transport capacity of a health system.

Therefore, governments and donors alike are identifying new ways to improve health supply chains and the transport systems they rely on.
In a previous post, I laid out the benefits and risks of private-sector involvement in health transport networks. Outsourcing transport and logistics can provide a lower cost of service, utilizing the core expertise of for-profit ventures. These companies must continually improve the quality of their service to attract and retain customers…

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