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Harvard Business Review

VidaGas: A Case Study

July 9, 2009
Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review: This case describes the evolution of a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) distributor start-up, incubated by two not-for-profit NGOs to help improve the vaccine…

Harvard Business Review

VidaGas: A Case Study

June 11, 2009
Harvard Business Review

This case describes the evolution of a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) distributor start-up, incubated by two not-for-profit NGOs to help improve the vaccine cold chain in Northern Mozambique. These NGOs must face the decision whether and how to sell their participation in the start-up. VillageReach and the Mozambican Foundation for Community Development (FDC), both NGOs, got involved in the national immunization program, the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), in northern Mozambique. This program’s goal was to ensure prompt and universal access to vaccines and other medical supplies.



Click this link to see the the overview of this project on VillageReach Web Site>IMPACT.

Supply Chain Improvement

Click this link to see the full overview of this project via the IMPACT section of VillageReach web site. In 2010, VillageReach launched a national expansion of the DLS, currently serving more than 500 health centers and a population of over 8 million in five provinces.The DLS applies a comprehensive strategy providing: a streamlined distribution process, improved data collection and management through a locally appropriate information management system build on the OpenLMIS platform, and active and ongoing supportive supervision and training.

Private Sector Engagement

Click this link to view the Private Sector Engagement page of our web site, outlining our capabilities and experience under “Our Work.”

Project Summaries


In response to a critical lack of fuel to support the cold chain in Mozambique, VillageReach and Fundacao para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade (FDC) established VidaGas, a Mozambique for-profit propane distribution company. While the business was established initially to supply remote health centers, the company has increased its scale to take advantage of additional markets. Today VidaGas is not only profitable, but the largest propane distributor in northern Mozambique, shipping to health centers, residences, businesses and government agencies in four provinces…


Social Business Development Opportunities: Energy Sector


This report assesses the impact of a weak energy sector on the health system in rural communities and analyzes social business opportunities as a way to strengthen this sector.

Access to Energy for the Base of the Pyramid

October 1, 2009
Ashoka, Hystra, Total, Schneider Electric, GDF SUEZ

VidaGas highlighted in an independent report analyzing projects serving the poorest, and that are economically viable and scalable.


After the Storm

March’s arrival has brought a much-needed return to many of the essential services in northern Mozambique that the public health system and communities alike depend on.  In early January we reported on the devastating loss of both electricity and transport due to severe flooding throughout the region, including many of the communities we work with in neighboring Malawi.   Zambezia experienced some of the worst flooding in 44 years. Widespread destruction of transportation infrastructure left 70% of the province completely unreachable by land, cutting off the north half of the country from the south.
Destruction of transportation infrastructure left 70% of the province completely unreachable and many rural health facilities had no energy supply for more than a month.
Because of the flooding, many rural health facilities had no energy supply for more than a month, putting an incredible burden on the health clinics to administer care, and on the Ministry of Health to redistribute vaccines and other medicines to alternate storage facilities with refrigeration.

VillageReach teams contributed to the relief efforts, lending fuel and vehicles.  Our vehicles delivered beds, oral rehydration salts, pharmaceutical products and clean drinking water to cholera treatment centers. We also transported vaccines on a…

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