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Information Systems for Last-Mile Health System Strengthening

July 1, 2009
VillageReach, USAID, PATH

This report was prepared in conjunction with PATH for USAID to explain the role of information technology in global health using the VillageReach management information system (vrMIS) as a case study.

Harvard Business Review

VidaGas: A Case Study

June 11, 2009
Harvard Business Review

This case describes the evolution of a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) distributor start-up, incubated by two not-for-profit NGOs to help improve the vaccine cold chain in Northern Mozambique. These NGOs must face the decision whether and how to sell their participation in the start-up. VillageReach and the Mozambican Foundation for Community Development (FDC), both NGOs, got involved in the national immunization program, the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), in northern Mozambique. This program’s goal was to ensure prompt and universal access to vaccines and other medical supplies.

Cost Summary - Study

June 1, 2009

A summary of the cost study comparing the cost-effectiveness of VillageReach’s dedicated vaccine logistics system versus a diffuse vaccine logistics system. The study found that implementation of VillageReach’s dedicated logistics system generated both an absolute cost savings as well as increased cost efficiency.

Impact Evaluation - Summary

November 1, 2008
Mark Kane, MD, MPH

A summary of the comprehensive evaluation analyzing the impact of VillageReach’s pilot project in Cabo Delgado. The evaluation found that VillageReach’s project increased immunization rates from 68.4% to 95.4%, reduced vaccine stockouts, and improved training and supervision for health center staff.

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