Journey to Scale Tool

VillageReach and Spring Impact, in collaboration with government, funders and social impact organizations from 16 countries, have co-created a tool to support government ownership of solutions.

Transitioning Well Overview

Once we prove a solution’s impact, our approach is to transition its management and/or operation to the government. We believe that this approach provides the greatest chance for a solution to achieve sustained impact at scale. VillageReach launched an initiative...

PPE Quantification and Forecasting Tool

This tool was developed in partnership between the Liberia Ministry of Health, VillageReach and Last Mile Health to determine PPE needs related to COVID-19.  It is being updated as needs and country context changes. We are sharing in case it may assist others with the...

Rapid Supply Chain Modeling Tool Demo Analysis

This file features a demonstration modeling analysis (using data from a Province in a country in Southern Africa) exploring four different supply chain scenarios as well as the resulting cost implications.
From Opportunities to Achievements in 2018

From Opportunities to Achievements in 2018

I am pleased to share VillageReach’s 2018 Annual Impact Report  with you. This year’s report demonstrates the gains we made last year in collaboration with Ministries of Health across sub-Saharan Africa and our private and non-profit partners. It takes a deep level of...