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Washington State Health Equity Program

We support rural and urban local health jurisdictions across Washington State to strengthen their programs and services to improve health equity and better meet the needs of their communities.

Dec 21, 2021   |   Blog Post

Lessons From The Virtuous Cycle Of Global Learning

Originally posted at Forbes.com In much of the social sector, the dichotomy between those served and those serving still influences the way we work. We may talk about global health, but when we say global, I’ve found we usually mean low-resource countries. This line...

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Mar 3, 2021   |   Blog Post

How to make sure COVID-19 vaccines reach as many people as possible

Originally posted on Gavi.org. A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves in a moment of tremendous hope with highly effective vaccines, yet we also face incredible challenges and bottlenecks in the systems required to deliver the vaccines to people who need them....

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Mar 9, 2020   |   Blog Post

Observations from a hot zone: COVID-19 and the threat of complacency

Originally posted on medium.com. Given our reputation for working in low-resource communities in sub-Saharan Africa, VillageReach donors are asking about the impact of COVID-19 and the measures we are taking. It is without a doubt that we are experiencing disruption, but today the community...

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Feb 11, 2019   |   Blog Post

To solve WA's measles epidemic, look to Africa

Originally posted on Crosscut As a mom who spends most of her waking hours thinking about how to improve health around the world, I’ve never thought twice about whether I vaccinate my son. I know that not all of my neighbors in the Seattle...

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Local health jurisdictions are the backbone of public health services for counties in Washington State. They support equitable access to health services, guide preparedness and emergency response efforts, ensure community safety, provide health education and coordinate with community partners. In 2020, VillageReach began working with local health jurisdictions across Washington State to improve equity in COVID-19 vaccine coverage.

We have now worked with 16 local health jurisdictions. Since 2021, we expanded to support local health jurisdictions directly in a variety of health topic areas including routine immunization, preparedness, mental health, and climate health. Whether it is understanding community perspectives on immunization, working with local health jurisdictions to develop a five-year strategic plan or digitizing data previously stored in paper records, we provide technical assistance to improve health equity and meet community needs. 

How it works:

  • From 2020-2023, VillageReach supported 19 counties across Washington State through partnerships with 15 local health jurisdictions. VillageReach currently provides support in 8-12 counties at any given time.
  • VillageReach provides technical assistance to local health jurisdictions in the areas of data analytics and dashboarding, data modernization, strategic planning, community engagement, career development, community health assessments, evaluations and after-action reviews, improvements plans, and equity driven program design.
  • Our technical assistance covers many health topics, such as immunization, preparedness, communicable disease and infection prevention, epidemiology, and community health.

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Counties where VillageReach has worked, 2020-2023


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WA State Service Offerings: 2023-24

Project Spotlight

How VillageReach is partnering with local health jurisdictions in 2023-2024:



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