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Supply Chain Professionalization

VillageReach believes a high-performing public health supply chain requires a professionalized workforce.

Feb 21, 2024   |   Podcast

Supply Chain Leadership Across Africa: Using Innovation to Transform African Health Care Supply Chains

Originally posted on Supply Chain Now. How are innovations helping to transform public health supply chains? How are technology providers and analytics specialists working with the health sector to bring cutting-edge capabilities so each person has the health care needed to thrive? During this...

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Jan 24, 2024   |   Blog Post

Opinion: Why we need to professionalize the health supply chain workforce

Originally posted on Devex.  The supply chain management skills gap is one of the reasons why more than half of the African population lacks access to essential medicines. A professional supply chain workforce is key to remedy this and achieve universal health coverage. After...

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Jan 22, 2024   |   Podcast

Supply Chain Leadership Across Africa: The Complex World of Logistics in Public Health

Originally posted on Supply Chain Now.  Integrating private sector resources and capacity into public health supply chains is critical for building high-performing supply chains that are equitable, people-centered, resilient and sustainable. In a new Episode of Supply Chain Now: Supply Chain Leadership Across Africa...

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Jan 8, 2024   |   Blog Post

A Meeting of the Minds: Empowering Supply Chain Reform Champions

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb So much of my work as an advocacy professional is about bringing people together to create a collective voice for collective action. Last month, I...

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Dec 11, 2023   |   Blog Post

‘Beyond the Last Mile’: The Story of Rose Magayi

The health care workforce is the backbone of strong, resilient and people-centered health systems. However, the World Health Organization projects a shortfall of 10 million health workers by 2030, mostly in low- and middle-income countries. Africa has a shortage of health workers, with only...

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Dec 7, 2023   |   Blog Post

Africa CDC Introduces the 5Cs at CPHIA 

At the 3rd International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA), the energy was high as attendees engaged in inspiring and idea-rich conversations. This year’s theme was “Breaking Barriers: Repositioning Africa in the Global Health Architecture.” VillageReach participated by leading various dialogues, plenaries and...

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Nov 2, 2023   |   News

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Announces Winners of the 2023 Citizens Awards

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation today announced the winners of the 2023 Citizens Awards – eight companies and one chamber of commerce that have shown outstanding leadership in tackling society’s most pressing issues. VillageReach has been included as a partner of UPS, who won the...

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Oct 31, 2023   |   News

72 Hours: A Race to Reduce Polio Lab Sample Transport Times

Amidst a resurgence of the wild polio virus strain, health workers in the Tete province of northern Mozambique work to save lives by improving the efficiency of polio sample transport. See how they’ve reduced the time it takes to move a sample from communities...

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Oct 3, 2023   |   Blog Post

All Innovations Welcome; Implementation Required

When I heard about the Salient Advisory 2023 report Innovations in Digitizing Health Supply Chains in Africa, I was thrilled that nearly 350 innovators headquartered across 27 African countries are supporting governments to explore technology to improve health care delivery. I’m always interested, both...

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Sep 28, 2023   |   News

Unlocking Last Mile Solutions in Liberia's Healthcare Supply Chain

In the effort to address the diverse healthcare needs of Liberia’s population, the Liberian Ministry of Health faces a significant challenge: ensuring essential medicines reach the last mile. This challenge encompasses a myriad of hurdles, from infrastructure limitations and human resource constraints to accessibility...

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Sep 21, 2023   |   News

Africa: How To Stop the Health Worker Brain Drain in Africa?

This year the World Health Organization added 37 African countries to a list of nations at risk of facing worsening health worker shortages due to “brain drain” – a well-documented phenomenon of health workers emigrating to work in high-income countries like the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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Sep 20, 2023   |   News

Africa: How To Stop the Health Worker Brain Drain in Africa? Invest in People and Innovations

This year the World Health Organization added 37 African countries to a list of nations at risk of facing worsening health worker shortages due to “brain drain” – a well-documented phenomenon of health workers emigrating to work in high-income countries like the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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Aug 10, 2023   |   News

Saving Lives by Building Skills and Capacity in Healthcare Supply Chains

Poor supply chains in low to middle income countries are the reason that one third of the world’s population lacks access to medicines, Dr Andrew Brown of USAID Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services (MTaPS) Program told delegates at the 2023 SAPICS Conference in Cape...

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Jul 31, 2023   |   Blog Post

The CHA Kit: Ensuring Liberia’s Community Health Workers Have the Commodities They Need

There is a Liberian adage that says, “Water can’t pass by a hole.” Unfortunately, in providing Community health workers (CHWs) the essential medicines and health commodities they need to do their jobs, we still encounter many systemic “holes”. The “water” can’t pass by, and...

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Jul 25, 2023   |   Podcast

Olivier Defawe and Tiwonge Mkandawire on “Supply Chain Now” Podcast

Supply chain management is a crucial aspect of saving lives, as it ensures the efficient flow of essential goods and services. Nowhere is this more evident and more evolving than on the continent of Africa. In this first episode of a three-part series, Olivier...

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VillageReach builds public health supply chains to be equitable, people-centered, resilient and sustainable. Managing a high-performing supply chain with these attributes requires a professional supply chain workforce.

We define this professionalization as the standardization and institutionalization of national supply chain roles, competencies and training and certification requirements. The ultimate goal of our supply chain professionalization efforts are to create a sustainable pipeline of locally, adequately trained supply chain professionals

Supply chain professionalization requires government stewardship and multisectoral partnership in order to strengthen a country’s supply chain and ensure consistent access to quality health care.

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Fact Sheet  |  2023

Building a Pipeline of Supply Chain Professionals through Education: Malawi

Fact Sheet  |  2023

Girls on the Move Program Factsheet

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Getting Started with Supply Chain Professionalization Video Presentation

Fact Sheet  |  2022

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Fact Sheet  |  2022

Supply Chain Professionalization

Fact Sheet  |  2021

Professionalizing the Supply Chain Workforce



  • DRC Ministry of Health
  • Mozambique Ministry of Health
  • Malawi Ministry of Health
  • Liberia Ministry of Health


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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