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UPDATE: This program informed the Next Generation Supply Chain solution in Mozambique. LEARN MORE


In 2010, in partnership with the provincial governments and the central Ministry of Health, VillageReach launched a national expansion project to roll out the Dedicated Logistics Systems (DLS), a new approach to supply chain system design aimed at increasing vaccination coverage rates, reducing monthly stock outs of medical commodities, increasing health worker productivity and capacity, improving cost-efficiency, and improving the overall quality of health services available at the last mile.

How it

The DLS introduced new efficiencies to Mozambique’s vaccine supply chain resulting in significant increases in fully vaccinated children, dramatic reduction in stock-outs, and reduced costs. The DLS is now the cornerstone of the Accelerating Next-Generation iSC Program, an effort to encourage new models of vaccine supply chain system design in Mozambique and globally in order to reach the final 20% of children who currently do not have access to life-saving vaccines.


Research  |  2023

Vaccine wastage in Ghana, Mozambique, and Pakistan: An assessment of wastage rates for four vaccines and the context, causes, drivers, and knowledge, attitudes and practices for vaccine wastage

Report  |  2022

Advancing Health for Women, Children, and Adolescents Amid Overlapping Crises: GFF Partnership Annual Report 2021-2022

Fact Sheet  |  2022

Last Mile Supply Chain Overview 2022

Fact Sheet  |  2020

The Path to an Integrated Public Health Supply Chain in Mozambique

Fact Sheet  |  2020

Cadeia de abastecimento até à Unidade Sanitária

Fact Sheet  |  2020

LMSC: Ensuring the availability of medical supplies at the last mile

Report  |  2019

Improved Last Mile Healthcare Delivery

Fact Sheet  |  2019

Last Mile Supply Chain Overview

Tool  |  2016

Outsourcing Transport to Improve Health at the Last Mile: A Case Study

Tool  |  2016

Lessons Learned in Reaching the Final 20: Building a Next-Generation Immunization Supply Chain in Mozambique

Tool  |  2016

Final 20 Policy Paper 6: Delivering the Money: The Importance of Efficient Financial Flows for Vaccine Distribution

next-generation immunization supply chain: change leadership

Tool  |  2016

Final 20 Policy Paper 5: Change Leadership – The Making or Breaking of an Immunization Supply Chain

Tool  |  2015

Final 20 Policy Paper 4: Data for Management: It’s Not Just Another Report

Press Release  |  2015

Final 20 Expansion Grant

Tool  |  2014

Final 20 Policy Paper 3 – System Design: Repair or Replace?



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