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Supply Chain Assessment, Modeling and System Design in the DRC

Apr 29, 2019   |   Blog Post

All in One Boat

Transporting vaccines, essential and generic medicines and family planning products in separate shipments when they are all going to the same health facility is an inefficient use of precious resources. An integrated system for delivering products to the last mile has been developed and...

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Jun 30, 2016   |   Blog Post

Head-Breaker: The Vaccine Supply Chain in Equateur

In 2015, VillageReach conducted an assessment of the public health supply chain in two of the most remote and underserved provinces of Democratic Republic of the Congo, the provinces of Equateur and Tshuapa. The results show that the health supply chain is a “casse-tête,”...

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Sep 24, 2015   |   Blog Post

The Heart of the Congo: Where Even Coca-Cola Doesn’t Get To

Many people in global health talk about how Coca-Cola supply chain practices could be applied and adapted to health commodities to ensure that vaccines, malaria treatment, family planning commodities, and many more essential medicines are available at the last mile health facilities. And they...

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In collaboration with the World Bank, VillageReach conducted an assessment identifying gaps in the supply chain performance in isolated and underserved areas within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

People inspecting drone in field.

Niassa Mozambique. (Photo Credit: Denis Onyodi)

How It Works

  • As part of the Final 20: Accelerating Next Generation Immunization Supply Chains Program financed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, VillageReach partnered with in-country stakeholders to conduct modeling exercises and identify opportunities for improvement in commodity availability and immunization supply chain optimization.

This program informed the Next Generation Supply Chain solution in the DRC. LEARN MORE


Report  |  2024

Répertoire de Établissements Pharmaceutiques Privés Certifiés en RDC

Research  |  2021

Optimized Supply Chain Model Reduces Health System Costs in DRC

Tool  |  2018

Increasing Access to Health Products in the DRC

Link  |  2018

The potential of next-generation supply chains to ease DRC’s “Casse-tête”

Report  |  2015

DRC Supply Chain Assessment (English)



  • World Bank
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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