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Supply Chain for Community Health Workers (SC4CHWs) in Kenya

VillageReach is supporting Lwala Community Alliance and the Kenya Ministry of Health to strengthen key areas of the health system to ensure supplies get to under-reached communities.

Dec 14, 2023   |   Blog Post

Empowering CHWs with Digital Solutions: A Roadmap for Transforming Community Health

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are the backbone of primary health care, bridging the gap between hard-to-reach areas and essential health services. Their pivotal role in preventive and primary care and their unique rapport with communities call for innovative solutions to enhance their effectiveness. Digital...

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In 2022, VillageReach collaborated with Lwala Community Health in Migori County, Kenya to bolster the capabilities of community health workers. Recognizing the inconsistent supply of health products at the community level, the partnership aimed at enhancing the supply-chain competencies of the community health workforce. Additionally, we are working with streamlining existing country-level digital solutions to capture and analyse community-level supply chain data. The collaboration also championed the integration of Community Health Workers (CHWs) into both national and county public health systems, including their supply chains, while also refining last-mile delivery processes and methods.

The goal of the program is for community health workers to have quality essential health products (medicines and medical supplies) when needed for appropriate treatments of common community childhood and maternal illnesses.

How It Works

  • Increased data availability: percentage of community units reporting stock data on KHIS
  • Increased supply chain expertise: difference between pre- and post-training assessment
  • Record keeping: percentage of CHWs with stock card accuracy of 100%
  • Stock availability: % of CHWs with tracer life-saving commodities in stock


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Program Approach

Kenya – Partnership with Lwala Community Alliance

This partnership aims to build capacity of CHWs in supply chain best practices, increase community health supply chain data use for decision-making and advocate for funding to connect CHWs to the national supply chain.

In 2023, the project kicked off through a baseline survey to assess community level supply chain gaps in Migori County, Kenya. The survey indicated that:

  • Stock-outs of essential medicines and equipment are common for CHWs.
  • There is inconsistent training of CHWs on stock management, leading to poor stock management and storage practices.
  • Policies & financing at county and national levels are lacking. 



  • The Kenya Ministry of Health
  • The Migori County Government Ministry of Health

Technical Partners

  • Lwala Community Alliance


  • Global Fund

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