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Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHEOC) Strategic Support

VillageReach and Dalberg, with funding from BMGF support the Ministry of Health in Mozambique to strengthen its capacity to manage public health emergencies in a sustainable manner and to develop a strategy for Public Health Emergency Operations Center operationalization.




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With the incidence of COVID-19 in Mozambique, the public health system has been under growing pressure to rollout prevention measures while expanding the national capacity to plan, execute and coordinate a robust response. As with other current and future health emergencies, stopping the further spread of COVID-19 and related loss of life requires a strong and coordinated response led by the MISAU but involving other partners. The Government of Mozambique through the Public Health Law, approved on December 2021 by the Parliament, acknowledged the need to operationalize and strengthening the public health preparedness and response through the operationalization of the Public Health Emergency Operating Center (PHEOC). 

How it

MISAU requested assistance to strengthen their public health emergency system, create a community response system, and decentralize the PHEOC to regional or provincial centers in medium time and to the provincial and district level in long time. VillageReach, a health partner to MISAU for the past twenty years, would act as the implementing partner to bring surge capacity to help MISAU operationalize the structures and practices of the PHEOC.


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Program Impact

The PHEOC project is divided in two workstreams as follows:

Workstream A – Strategic Planning Support

  • Provide hands-on and residential strategic planning support
  • Provide training and capacity building for the MISAU senior staff involved in the planning team
  • Scoping of the overall response impact, including actors, stakeholders and activities both at the national and sub-national levels
  • Compiling surveillance and health communication data to support planning and decision-making
  • Develop managerial tools and rollout a co-created learning agenda for ministerial
  • Deliver training, evaluate impact, disseminate lessons and update the overall strategy
  • Assist with overall coordination, identify bottlenecks, suggest adjustments and provide regular updates/reports on progress with MISAU and Dalberg

Workstream B – PHEOC Operationalization Plan

  • Support the MISAU in the implementation of the PHEOC operationalization plan and the resource mobilization efforts
  • Implementation of the PHEOC operationalization strategy
  • Develop relevant materials and deliver training
  • Identify and report on bottlenecks



  • Mozambique Ministry of Health (MISAU)
  • Public Health National Directorate (DNSP)

Technical Partners

  • Dalberg
  • N’weti
  • WHO
  • ThinkWELL


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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