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OpenLMIS (eSIGL) Cote d’Ivoire

OpenLMIS is a leading Open Source electronic logistics management information system purpose-built to manage health supply chains in low- and middle-income countries.


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In Transition

UPDATE:  OpenLMIS is an open source tool supported by an international community of partners, implementers, and developers. LEARN MORE


John Snow Inc. (JSI) through the MEASURE Evaluation project currently implements OpenLMIS (developed in partnership with VillageReach) in Côte d’Ivoire in 50 facilities that are clients of the Central Medical Store (NPSP). Locally called eSIGL, OpenLMIS supports requisition processes for several programs including malaria, HIV, lab commodities, essential medicines, and reproductive health medicines.

How it

50 facilities are using the system on a regular basis to order and report on commodity usage and to provide key stakeholders real time access to available data. Currently, eSIGL is in the process of scaling from the initial 50 facilities to a total of 318 throughout the country.


Technical Partners

  • JSI Snow, Inc

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