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Let’s Talk About Vaccines!

By prioritizing caregiver and health worker voices, we explore the key drivers and solutions for immunization dropout in children in Malawi.

Oct 6, 2022   |   Blog Post

Community health workers as vaccinators: A pathway to achieving global immunisation goals

Originally posted on Gavi.org. A shortage of health workers has made the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines in many lower-income countries a major challenge. In Malawi, community health workers are helping to fill the gap. The roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine has encountered issues with...

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In Malawi, 73% of children aged 12-23 are vaccinated, falling short of the Malawi Government’s goal of over 80% coverage. Geographic disparities play a role, with children in northern regions having higher rates of full vaccination than children in southern regions1. To address the barriers children under two and their caregivers face in achieving full vaccination, VillageReach and our collaborators apply participatory research methods to amplify caregiver and health care worker voices to identify these challenges and explore solutions by using photo-narrative interviews with caregivers, SMS observations through text exchanges and human-centered design (HCD) workshops. We are conducting the study in Lilongwe, an urban environment, and Mzimba North, a rural environment.

How It Works

  • We are conducting the research in three phases: (1) identify drivers of routine immunization dropout and potential community-based solutions; (2) implement one community-based solution; and (3) evaluate the human-centered design/community-based participatory approach and the impact of the implemented solution. Malawi is currently in the implementation phase.


Research  |  2023

Let’s Talk About Vaccines – Key Findings From Malawi

Report  |  2022

Bate-Papo Vacina!

Report  |  2022

Let’s Talk About Vaccines Study Overview


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