Let’s Talk About Vaccines!

This study seeks to amplify the voices of caregivers and health workers and uncover new insights by using principles of community-based participatory research and human-centered design to increase childhood immunization.


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Let's Talk About Vaccines




The Let’s Talk About Vaccines! study is a five-year research project (2021-2026) aimed at understanding the barriers caregivers face in fully vaccinating their children. It seeks to identify, implement and evaluate community-driven solutions to reduce routine immunization dropouts in select districts in Mozambique and Malawi. These study sites were selected due to key similarities and differences in their geography, epidemiological profiles and immunization systems. There are currently few studies that compare these contexts for immunization dropouts between countries.

Because caregivers and health workers know best what barriers they face and how to address them, we seek to amplify their voices. Our research design uses the principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR) and human-centered design (HCD) to engage community members and health workers in generating new knowledge and co-creating targeted solutions that meet their needs.

How it

The Let’s Talk About Vaccines! Study has three iterative phases: Phase 1- Identify key themes across study sites in both countries to pinpoint common barriers and solutions that address routine immunization dropout across different contexts;  Phase 2- Implement unique community-identified solutions in each country to reach under-immunized children;  Phase 3- Evaluate the solutions’ impact through a process and outcome evaluation led by the University of Western Cape (UWC) in collaboration with the University of Cape Town (UCT).



Report  |  2024

Bate-Papo Vacina! Endline Evaluation Report

Research  |  2024

Using community-based, participatory qualitative research to identify determinants of routine vaccination drop-out in Malawi

Report  |  2023

Evaluation of a multisite community-based participatory immunization project

Report  |  2023

Bate-Papo Vacina Project: Midline Evaluation

Research  |  2023

Let’s Talk About Vaccines – Key Findings From Malawi

Report  |  2023

Driving a people-centered approach to expand immunization coverage in Zambézia, Mozambique

Report  |  2022

Bate-Papo Vacina!

Report  |  2022

Let’s Talk About Vaccines Study Overview

Research  |  2022

Determinants of immunisation dropout among children under the age of 2 in Zambézia province, Mozambique


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