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Last Mile Supply Chain (LMSC)

The Government of Mozambique and USAID partnered with VillageReach to design and implement a streamlined, effective and integrated last mile supply chain system. The LMSC program is aligned with long-term national strategies and efforts, while taking short-term steps to address chronic logistics and transport challenges at the sub-national level.




Next Generation Supply Chain


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In its efforts to provide quality health services to its citizens, the Government of Mozambique and USAID partnered with VillageReach to design and implement a streamlined, effective and integrated last mile supply chain system. The program began in Zambézia province, covering two districts, in October 2018. By the end of September 2021, LMSC had expanded to support monthly deliveries in all districts of 10 of Mozambique’s 11 provinces, covering a total of 1,500 health facilities.


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Program Impact

The Last Mile Supply Chain program delivers essential medicines and vaccines to more than 1,200 health centers in the Zambézia.

The primary goal of the LMSC program is to improve the availability of health products where they are needed for testing and treatment. Expected program outcomes include:

  • Supply chain information is used to strengthen accountability and planning between the provincial level and the health facility level.
  • Transportation and logistics execution are improved.
  • Appropriate control mechanisms are in place for distribution of health products throughout the province.
  • Proven transportation and related logistic processes and tools are transferred to government.




  • Mozambique Ministry of Health (MISAU)
  • Centre for Drugs and Medical Supplies (CMAM)
  • Provincial Health Directorate (DPS) and the Provincial Warehouse (DPM)

Technical Partners

  • Project Last Mile
  • Bolloré Transport & Logistics
  • Aeris
  • AEC
  • Agility
  • Nichols Group
  • ThinkWELL



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