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Equity and Gender Approach

Progress has been made, but inequities in health coverage persist. We take a unique perspective to include equity and gender in all aspects of program design to build strong, resilient and equitable health systems.

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Responsive PHC: The key to accelerating progress towards the SDGs - A recap of the Malawi Ministry of Health and VillageReach side event

During September, world leaders began to converge on New York for this year’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), with its welcome focus on the urgent need to put the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the...

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Responsive Primary Health Care Takes Center Stage at AHAIC 2023

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VillageReach envisions a world where equity is entrenched in health care delivery. We believe in a people-centered approach and understand community challenges before deploying solutions.

Our equity approach is based on four steps: identifying populations, understanding challenges, extending reach and measuring progress. This framework forms the bedrock of our gender strategy, guiding our principles and commitments.

VillageReach Four-Step Equity Approach
VillageReach Four-Step Equity Approach

Our Gender Strategy integrates a gender perspective throughout the VillageReach program lifecycle addressing gender-specific needs, embedding gender measures in theories of change, advocating for gender equity, promoting gender-responsive communication and enhancing gender sensitivity among staff and partners.

The five priority areas of our Gender Strategy are:

  • Action area 1: Implement gender-responsive strategies in all programs.
  • Action area 2: Build staff and partner capacity.
  • Action area 3: Collaborate and advocate for gender equity through strategic partnerships.
  • Action area 4: Integrate gender measures for continuous improvement.
  • Action area 5: Use gender-responsive language.

In pursuing a gender-responsive approach, we are guided by three core principles: (1) Gender Equity, addressing disparities by allocating resources and opportunities based on the specific needs and circumstances of different genders; (2) Intersectionality, acknowledging the multifaceted forms of discrimination individuals face; and (3) Inclusivity, ensuring programs accommodate all genders.


Fact Sheet  |  2024

VillageReach Gender Strategy

Research  |  2024

Using community-based, participatory qualitative research to identify determinants of routine vaccination drop-out in Malawi

Report  |  2023

Integrating Community Insights to Build Responsive Primary Health Care Systems

Fact Sheet  |  2023

WA State Service Offerings: 2023-24

Tool  |  2023

Leveraging a Supply Chain Equity Guide to Vaccinate Zero-Dose Children

Research  |  2023

Leveraging community health workers as vaccinators: a case study exploring the role of Malawi’s Health Surveillance Assistants in delivering routine immunization services

To operationalize our core principles, VillageReach has developed practical guidance for use by staff and partners:

Gender Guidelines

  • Integrating Gender in Program Design
  • Conducting Gender Analysis
  • Before and After Gender Analysis
  • Gender Integration in Proposals
  • Gender Equity Checklist
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Gender-Sensitive Recruitment
  • Gender and Communications
Outlines a comprehensive approach to integrating gender analysis in program design, incorporating gender-responsive strategies and defining measures.
Informs program design and ensures programs actively address gender disparities.
Outlines the preliminary steps to take when embarking on a gender analysis, and subsequent stages of post-data collection. Enabling insights to enhance program design.
Donors may call for proposals to include a thorough consideration of gender. This document guides teams drafting a concept note or proposal to incorporate gender.
Tool to assess how well programs align with the gender strategy, helping to identify areas for improvement, and to guide programs.
Integrating gender considerations into every stage of monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment, including understanding of the process and outcomes of gender dimensions within programs.
Outlines recruitment practices essential for promoting gender equity, and ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce.
Guidance on using gender responsive language for external program communications to foster gender equity, challenge entrenched stereotypes, and acknowledge and address the gendered roles in society.

Implementing Programs

Our gender strategy goes beyond service delivery, focusing on incorporating gender considerations into system-strengthening initiatives like supply chain, health workforce and data visibility.

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