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Drones for Health in Mozambique

VillageReach has partnered with stakeholders at local, regional and global levels since 2015 to explore the use of drones to improve the availability of health products compared to ground transportation.




Drones for Health


Drones for Health




In 2018, VillageReach began working with the Government of Mozambique to explore how drones could strengthen laboratory sample transportation systems in hard-to-reach areas. The Mozambique National Institute of Health and VillageReach are partnering with the Inhambane Provincial Department of Health to accelerate COVID-19 laboratory testing in Mozambique. Six hard-to-reach district hospitals and health facilities receive daily collection of laboratory samples via two drone hubs in Inhambane Province.


How it

Every day, drones collect COVID-19 and other laboratory samples from six hard-to-reach district hospitals and health facilities in Inhambane province.

Each drone can travel up to 130 km carrying 3 kg (6.6 lb) /5212 cm3, averaging more than 100 km/hour.

Laboratory samples are delivered to sample collection points, where they are transported by ground to the laboratory for testing.



Report  |  2023

Lessons learned in the transportation of healthcare products by drones

Research  |  2022

Quality Analysis of Tuberculosis Specimens Transported by Drones versus Ground Transportation

Fact Sheet  |  2020

Drones for Health: Boosting Access to Lifesaving Products

Research  |  2020

Insights Before Flights: How Community Perceptions Can Make or Break Medical Drone Deliveries

Fact Sheet  |  2020

How to select a drone service provider

Report  |  2018

UAVs for Laboratory Sample Transport in Mozambique: Pilot Story

Program Impact

Phase 2 Drone Program Results*



  • Mozambique Instituto Nacional de Saúde
  • Inhambane Provincial Department of Health
  • Mozambique Ministry of Health
  • Mozambique Civil Aviation Authority
  • Amovant

Technical Partners

  • Swoop Aero


  • Focusing Philanthropy
  • UK Aid
  • Frontier Technology Livestreaming

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