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COVID-19 Vaccination in the USA

VillageReach is providing support in 15 counties in WA state, primarily focused on Central Washington.




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In December 2020, when COVID-19 vaccines first became available in Washington State, VillageReach was uniquely positioned to provide immediate value to local health jurisdictions to accelerate vaccine delivery.

    How it

    Vaccine Operations and Systems Readiness:

    • Support LHJs in strategic and operational planning on how to support boosters and pediatric doses
    • Link LHJs to DOH Depot Planning initiative and provide advice on how to make the initiative more responsive to LHJ needs

    Demand Generation and Management:

    • Develop suite of employer-based vaccine demand generation tools
    • Develop demand generation/outreach/education tools for pediatric population
    • Support LHJs in developing social media content for delivering evidence-based communication on COVID-19 and vaccines

    Demand Generation and Management (cont.):

    • Support LHJ advocacy campaigns to promote increased knowledge of and investment in rural health systems
    • Conduct key informant interviews and community conversations to better understand people’s needs and perceptions
    • Human-centered design sessions with community groups

    Digital Systems and Data Use Management:

    • Implement PowerBI tools and dashboards that update with WAIIS data on an automated schedule

    Workforce Readiness:

    • Set up the backend infrastructure for data tools and systems using softwares such as R Studio and PowerBI
    • Hold virtual training sessions for LHJ staff on how to update, maintain, and build upon the processes going forward

    Workforce Readiness (cont.):

    • Provide training and mentorship to staff
    • Create onboarding materials, “just in time trainings” and other methods can be scaled and reused as needed


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    M-Vaccin Overview

    Program Impact

     Our Work So Far

    Map displaying counties which VillageReach have supported.








    • Washington State Department of Health
    • Local County Health Jurisdictions

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