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COVID-19 Vaccination in the DRC


Democratic Republic of Congo


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DRC currently has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Africa, therefore, VillageReach is supporting the DRC government in achieving its two main COVID-19 vaccine goals:


  1. Use 80+% of available vaccine with minimal wastage
  2. Vaccinate 45.2% of the population (40,357,109 of people) by December 2022

How it

Vaccine Operations and Systems Readiness: Launch vaccination sites in Kinshasa; Support DRC govt in finalizing a plan for BMGF operations funds, including identifying local implementing partner; Establish non-facility based vaccination sites to improve coverage and equity, especially among underserved populations.



Demand Generation and Management: Launched mass vaccination awareness campaign to improve the level of confidence; Strengthen government capacity to respond effectively to challenges regarding vaccine uptake; Support outreach and advocacy activities to specific groups (parliamentarians, political authorities, religious leaders); Add features to Health Chat to include more information on COVID-19 vaccines.




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Program Impact

From November 15-29 2021, DRC ran a vaccine campaign that coincided with the opening of the medium volume distribution site in Kinshasa:


  • At the end of the first full week, 661 people were fully vaccinated
  • The first Medium-Volume Vaccine Site in Kinshasa vaccinated 2,000 people in the first 14 days








  • The DRC Ministry of Health
  • Provincial Health Division of Kinshasa


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Livelihood Impact Fund
  • GAVI
  • WHO
  • M-RITE
  • Breakthrough ACTION

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