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COVID-19 Vaccination in the DRC


Democratic Republic of Congo


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When the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign began in December 2020, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) did not have predictable vaccine supply. By November 2021, the COVID-19 vaccination rate in DRC was less than 1 percent.

To increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake, VillageReach partnered with the DRC Ministry of Health (MoH) to open four vaccinodromes, or vaccination sites, in heavily populated, urban areas around DRC’s capital of Kinshasa.

We used an outreach-focused approach to increase vaccine convenience, and we prioritized daily community mobilization efforts to build vaccine demand.

How it

Vaccine Operations and Systems Readiness: Launch vaccination sites in Kinshasa; Support DRC govt in finalizing a plan for BMGF operations funds, including identifying local implementing partner; Establish non-facility based vaccination sites to improve coverage and equity, especially among underserved populations.



Demand Generation and Management: Launched mass vaccination awareness campaign to improve the level of confidence; Strengthen government capacity to respond effectively to challenges regarding vaccine uptake; Support outreach and advocacy activities to specific groups (parliamentarians, political authorities, religious leaders); Add features to Health Chat to include more information on COVID-19 vaccines.


Program Impact

From November 2021-September 2022, VillageReach partnered with Democratic Republic of Congo Ministry of Health to provide COVID-19 vaccinations through four high-volume vaccine sites, with:

229,983 COVID-19 vaccines administered across all sites. 

Following the initial urgency of vaccinodromes providing COVID-19 vaccinations, VillageReach has integrated sites with primary health centers (PHCs). This transition may expand routine immunization and advance pathways to primary care, including for zero-dose and under-vaccinated children.








  • The DRC Ministry of Health
  • Provincial Health Division of Kinshasa


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Livelihood Impact Fund
  • GAVI
  • WHO
  • M-RITE
  • Breakthrough ACTION

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