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Since 2019, the Mozambique Ministry of Health (MISAU) has been in touch with VillageReach about helping upgrade some of the capabilities of AlôVida, the ministry’s telephone hotline providing medical-related information to Mozambicans.

May 15, 2020   |   Blog Post

COVID-19 and four focus areas

Originally posted on medium.com. Listening, learning and adjusting — this has been our method of operation since the last time I provided you an update about our COVID-19 response. Our priorities have evolved and it has been a balance of internal capacity, imperative continuity and the...

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Feb 28, 2020   |   News

Donations Help VillageReach Work with Governments and Tech Partners to Strengthen Health Care Delivery in Africa

Card Rates News – January 27, 2020 VillageReach was featured on CardRates.com, including an interview with president Emily Bancroft.

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In expanding AlôVida Health Center by Phone, VillageReach has used materials designed in Malawi to develop, adapt and translate Standard Operating Procedures. We also expanded platform capabilities by creating call recording, which is critical for quality assurance, developed and released COVID-19 IVR messages, and developed the technical capability for operators to work remotely. Night shifts were also introduced to extend service hours, making the hotline a 24-hour operation. We have developed the AlôVida Dashboard based on the MOH requirements and are currently working to integrate WhatsApp into the AlôVida platform.

People inspecting drone in field.

Road in Mozambique.

How It Works

  • VillageReach has been working in collaboration with MISAU and its implementation partners to develop a series of improvements to the AlôVida hotline platform with a focus on increasing service capacity and expanding content. Topics will include the latest information on COVID-19, maternal newborn child health, sexual reproductive health, HIV, immunizations, TB and mental health. 

“Our goal at Alôvida is to ensure that anyone who has a question related to COVID-19 can get an accurate and timely answer. The battle against COVID-19 doesn’t just happen in health clinics, it happens over the phone too.

– Euclides Osias, Alôvida Manager

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Program Impact

In 2021, AlôVida:

• Designed and translated COVID-19 modules in 7 languages
• Hired new nurse supervisor and trained 19 hotline workers
• In April 2021, VillageReach reached an agreement with Moz Telecom, improving the hotline by guaranteeing the functioning of AlôVida 24 hours/day with up to 24 voice lines; 64 lines for callers in a queue; and 128 concurrent interactive voice message recordings.

VillageReach estimates that during the first year of operation AlôVida HCPB will provide 1.2 million meaningful interactions with users who are seeking health information of health topics.



    • Ministry of Health (MISAU)
    • Viamo
    • Fundação para o Desenvolvimento da Comunidade (FDC)


    • USAID
    • Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs – Breakthrough Action
    • David Weekley Family Foundation


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