Oct 31, 2022  |  Press Release

VillageReach Announce Release of Stakeholder Alignment Workshop Guide as a Global Good for Sustainable Public Health Solutions

Bogotá, Colombia (31 October, 2022) – Today VillageReach announced the release of the Stakeholder Alignment Workshop Guide. This global good is designed to contribute to successful transitions of solutions initially developed in the social sector to government ownership and management.  Facilitators can use the guide to align governments, donors and social impact organizations on a pathway towards the adoption of sustainable public health solutions via interactive in-person or virtual workshops. These workshops provide the opportunity for stakeholders to align on what they want to achieve, mitigate potential challenges, and provide actionable to steps to work collaboratively towards that goal.

The Stakeholder Alignment Workshop is derived from the Journey to Scale with Government Tool, co-developed by VillageReach and Spring Impact alongside 50+ contributors from governments, donors, and social impact organization across 16 countries.  This tool outlines the mindsets, systems and capacities required to work in a collaborative partnership to achieve government-owned solutions that have sustained impact at scale.

This workshop guide builds on years of practical application led by VillageReach and Spring Impact in collaboration with partners. Since its development in December 2020, this workshop has helped multiple partnerships build ways of working that have proved necessary to move forward successfully while mitigating the challenges they foresee.

Speaking about the Stakeholder Alignment Workshop Guide’s release, Dr. Upenthyo George Dugum, Ugandan Commissioner for Community Health noted, “In Uganda, we have realized that the power of our communities to create positive health outcomes is far greater than any one physician, clinician or hospital. When we came around the table for a Stakeholder Alignment Workshop, we discovered the goodwill of our private sector and development sector partners, and it became easy to discover what each partner could offer to empower communities. As I speak, we have rolled out the Community Health Worker Digitisation, Equipping, Supervision and Compensation (DESC) model to seven districts, with active steps to bring more partners on board to roll out to 25 districts.”

“The Stakeholder Alignment Workshop helped us to understand the technicalities of how our partners think, how they approach things, and how we could shift each other’s ways of working. Prior to the workshop, we were not sure how we could work with government, but we soon realized we were aligned on our core values and objectives. This foundation allowed us to build a successful coalition to deliver improved community health care for Ugandans,” Added Warren Tukwasibwe, Senior Manager Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships, Living Goods.

“The release of this public good marks the transition of the Stakeholder Alignment Workshop Guide from the stewardship of VillageReach into global ownership. We want to continue to help governments, donors, and partners to find tools and actionable ways to have sustainable impact at scale! We have used these materials across several of our own programs and to support other governments and organizations,” said Carla Blauvelt, VillageReach’s Director of Global Programs. “Our goal is not to just share materials we have developed or co-developed, but to continue to share others’ materials as well. To support this transition, the Learning Network will continue to document learnings and share any interesting materials emerging from forthcoming workshops and events from our collaborators.”

Potential facilitators are encouraged to join the Learning Network, managed by Spark Health Africa. Conducting these workshops will build the skills, confidence, and reach required to craft sustainable government-owned solutions which have impact at scale.


Click for more information and to download the Stakeholder Alignment Workshop Guide.

Contact Carla Blauvelt, Director, Global Programs VillageReach for any questions on the materials or the Transitioning Well Initiative: Carla.blauvelt@villagereach.org

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