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Blog Post   |   October 7, 2014

The Building Blocks of Vaccine Supply Chains – A Lego Experiment

It seems like a stretch—using Legos to find efficiencies in a vaccine supply chain. But that was the concept we worked with last week in Mozambique with representatives from both national and provincial level Ministry of Health, UNICEF, WHO, and VillageReach, led by the HERMES…

Blog Post   |   August 26, 2015

Data, Dashboards and Decisions – The Components of Building a Better Supply Chain

As the VillageReach Field Officer in Gaza province, Mozambique, I work closely with the DPS (Provincial Directorate of Health) and the EPI manager, logistician, and the medical chief to make sure that the vaccine supply chain is performing in the most efficient way and…

Blog Post   |   January 19, 2017

Combining Sectors, Partners and Products for Last Mile Impact

Collaboration is at the heart of a unique public-private initiative to increase availability for a range of health products in Mozambique. Tete provincial health authorities, Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), and VillageReach have partnered with the private sector company Confianca Absoluta to bring HIV medicines,…

Blog Post   |   September 15, 2016

Keeping the Wheels of Change Moving

Transformational change does not always happen overnight. In the case of immunization supply chains (iSC), real transformational change requires iteration. It is a process of continuous improvement: cycles of thinking, testing, and improving to constantly push the system forward. While the final result might…

Blog Post   |   February 22, 2016

The Price of Regular Distribution: Fueling Our Investment in Rotavirus Vaccines

I was thrilled to witness President Nyusi launch the rotavirus vaccine in Mozambique last fall. Tens of thousands of little Mozambicans will be spared severe dehydration, even death, due to rotavirus-induced diarrhea – if the vaccine reaches them. And herein lies the problem.  When…

Blog Post   |   April 25, 2016

Closing the Gap: 3 Things I Would Like to See

Summary: Dr. Ramos Mboane, Provincial Chief Medical Officer in Mozambique shares insights on key factors countries should prioritize to make #vaccineswork.  This post is part of the #ProtectingKids story roundup. Read all the stories here.  During World Immunization Week, people from all over the world…

Blog Post   |   April 28, 2015

Five Lessons For Closing the Immunization Gap

For the last fifteen years, VillageReach has been working to help ensure all children have access to vaccines. I have had the opportunity to spend time in rural health facilities across sub-Saharan Africa, talk with hundreds of healthcare workers, and meet with numerous leaders…

Blog Post   |   January 28, 2016

Leadership: The magic bullet of immunization supply chains?

A lot of attention is currently being paid to immunization supply chains (iSC) and how to improve their performance in order to absorb new vaccine introductions and leverage new technologies, all while being efficient and effective. It’s no small task. And generally, the conversation…

Blog Post   |   September 18, 2015

Lessons Learned from Brazil’s EPI Program

This week, the team of VillageReach is participating in the “Jornadas de Saude” (Mozambique health fair). We attended today a very impactful presentation on successes and challenges on the introduction of multiple vaccines into the EPI program in countries with limited resources.

Blog Post   |   November 2, 2017

We Build by Listening: OpenLMIS at TechNet

OpenLMIS is a community dedicated to collective impact. We are always learning and listening for new ideas. We organize user-centered design workshops, talk with global leaders, and incorporate best-in-class technologies to meet the needs of global health supply chains. The most recent TechNet-21 Conference…

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